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    We have just had over a 2 day delay returning from Lapland and as a collective, there was talk of claiming compensation for the fact the holiday was spoilt as 3 days were basically spent sat in a hotel lobby waiting for details of rescheduled flights, being taken to the airport unnecessarily just so Cosmos had presented the passengers even though there was no functioning plane to take us home etc.

    Im NOT talking about EU Denied Boarding Regulations, nor am i referring to personal travel insurance claims, im talking about claiming from the package operator for compensation as an expensive trip to see santa basically turned into an extended sitting around exercise and kids trips being somewhat spoilt.

    Has anyone got any previous experience of claiming from a package operator for such occurrences?

    We got caught up in the Ash cloud delays the other year, after months of pursuing Easyjet direct I was advised to use legal support that is in your house insurance, sure enough within weeks they had settled and we had the vast majority of the money back.


    Ah good call, never thought about the house insurance


    We went small claims a few years ago, which is easy enough to do yourself. Got a refund for everything except the cost of flights (the only part that was as expected)
    The company concerned refuted everything until the paperwork was served with a court date and then immediately refunded

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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