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  • Worth a punt? Would be full download version on a new laptop (touch screen and really good image quality)

    Haven’t looked at any games for ages, not since Civ 4 (I think)

    Anyone had a look at Civ 6 yet, then?

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    Yes, gameplay is basically the same but with prettier pictures. I’ve only played briefly so not properly got into the game mechanics. Cdkeys has the pack with extras for £13.99 or £6.99 just for the game so pretty low risk.


    I’ve put a few hundred hours into it. Like it a lot – would like it more if multiplayer was a feasible possibility that didn’t eat a whole day tho.

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    Yes – though as usual with Civ it will feel a bit incomplete without the expansions.

    I sunk a ton of time into multiplayer games of Civ 5, I haven’t had the chance to do the same with 6 but it shakes up the mechanics in some clever ways and I really like what I’ve seen of it.

    The one caveat being I get bored of Civ vs AI very quickly and the AI in 6 isn’t any better than past games.

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    This thread makes me tempted to reinstall civ 4

    Put your money where your username is and buy Hearts of Iron IV and install one of the major mods.


    So I downloaded Civ 6 and spent bloody hours on it, I get so far and then the AI kicks my ar5e all over the place (usually the Romans).

    How the hell do I give myself a fighting chance?

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