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  • Premier Icon somouk
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    Seen as STW is full of IT Managers and techs thought I would ask the hive mind…

    What is the best Cisco route to follow, obviously CCENT first but which way after that?

    Anyone made it to CCIE/CCAr?

    Thinking of something to fill my Winter up and add to the CV.

    Premier Icon Russell96
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    The training for the CCENT puts you halfway towards CCNA Routing & Switching then as I found once you get the CCNA its not much more to get the CCDA, then once you get the CCNP its not much more for the CCDP.

    I had the CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCDP & CCIP with a whole pile of sales specialist certs to help keep our Gold Certification and was considering my CCIE in Routing & Switching but as I had moved into pre-sales it was getting harder and harder to get the hands on time to keep my skills current and when it came to re-cert time I let them lapse. The CCIP (Which has now gone) I really enjoyed doing as it was Advanced Routing, BGP, QoS and MPLS.

    When I was studying for them the lads in our hot staging area let me have a whole pile of routers and switches so I could build up my own labs, but with beefier PC’s and router simulators its easier to setup a virtual lab now, well if you can get hold of the IOS versions you need.

    My big tip get plenty of time at the command line, you need to get a lot of commands almost into muscle memory so you can rattle them off quickly in the exams.

    Premier Icon codybrennan
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    Similar story to Russell above: technical then pre-sales, except now the business has decided that certs are desirable again 🙂 so I’m getting back on the cert train.

    Dynamips and GNS3 are what you want! Not so good for advanced switching, but will get you a fair way in with no hardware.*

    *You’ll need IOS files.

    Premier Icon somouk
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    A friend has sent me a copy of packet tracer which is good by the looks.

    Command line is fine, I work with Linux OSes every day so confident enough at the command line and learn commands pretty quickly.

    Sounds like my plan to do CCDA might be the best option.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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