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  • Just about to cut some MDF up myself so I checked the model number of the Skill saw I linked to against mine,
    It turns out it’s the same one, with the exception mines 110v and is called an Orca. (Mine cost around £70)
    As I said I have had mine for 10+ years now and with a few blade changes along the way it’s still going strong, that’s after some proper abuse thrown in as well. As for the accuracy never noticed a problem with it unless I put a real cheap blade in, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another


    he disadvantage of that Bosch compared to a Festool (or Dewalt) is that the extraction nozzle thing prevents you cutting close to walls.

    i used to have the Makita linked to on the last page. good saw. withstood lots of abuse on proper building sites. used it for roofing, joisting, flooring. got nicked in Avely.


    Thaks again for all the advice chaps, I’ve ordered the Makita… Cos it matches my drills 😉

    The Skil looks like a serious bargain, but I don’t mind going to the top end of my budget for something that will last me a lifetime…

    Plus, I’m VAT registered, so it’s only £77 delivered!

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)

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