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  • Premier Icon Stu_N

    Don’t really have anything to add as a 7-time Ciclo veteran.

    On tyres, tubeless is mostly about thorn protection. We’re on proper UST set-up and apart from one nightmare trip when I wrecked 3 tyres and ended up at the mercy of Froy’s Cave of Delights it’s been fine. Some people have used Slime tubes successfully when we’ve been out too.

    On tyres, I go to a 2.25 UST Crossmark on the back and 2.35 LUST High Roller on the front, seems to work pretty well. Marco swears by Larsens. You will do a reasonable amount of up (only way to get to the best stuff) so wouldn’t go more than single ply DH tyres.

    Premier Icon senor j

    Re tyres – once you’ve decided tubes/tubless ,I would advise 2.35width. I used kenda nev/blue groove.
    You do have to drag them up ,but it makes the downs more fun/less hairy.
    FWIW – i used tubes , and had two punctures last time and one before that .
    That did bring my average down to about 3 in a week.
    The last two times the longest stops were for people with tubless , desperately trying to seal the tear.
    Unsuccessfully, and then eventually going with a tube.

    hello stumpy01.

    Spey Stout

    I went with them in May too, not much more to add but to say you absolutely should[/u] do the Granada trip if it is available. Probably the most fun I had all week and an opportunity to see a fantastic city.

    Brilliant hospitality, great guiding and ‘keep yer powder dry’!!


    …waves at Senor J…..

    oh, and +1 on the Granada trip. Some great riding and a chance to see Granada, stop for some tapas & beer…

    Premier Icon Mike_T

    Can’t rate maroc and co highly enough we’re there again for the 4th time next month

    Ciclo vids

    Premier Icon muddydwarf

    All sounds good so far 🙂 Currently running a Minion DHF on the front and HR on the back. I like how it’s been in the recent dry weather so i may just stick another HR on the back unless anyone can recommend a better rear tyre to compliment the Minion?

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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