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  • Chris Huhne blames Murdoch.
  • aP

    On R4 the gist of his piece was that they waited until after the election before using the story, whereas they could have used it before and that Murdoch group newspapers/ TV manipulate news stories for their own benefit rather than public interest.


    Whinging gimp who tells us something we have all figured out, Murdoch is evil.

    His line about politics loses you money is laughable. Politics matters; to the people who lever power and money out of it.


    Sadly (and predictably), most people who want to become polititions are just the wrong sort of people to be polititions.


    Like many politicians of his ilk Huhne comes across as an unbalanced egotist. I have just heard his rant on Radio 4 and it sounded to me as if he’d been mulling it over bitterly in prison and come out determined to try to get revenge.


    Which media consultant helped script that piece? What a crock. Ok, so arguably we are still in the low news/silly news season but that takes the biscuit for page filling claptrap (and theres quite a lot of it in today’s Guardian).

    So Chris, let’s start by admitting your mistakes (you have to pretend to acknowledge guilt and your failings to get some sympathy as most people detest you for what you are), then add some flannel before turning the argument on its head to blame others for your behaviour and downfall. Try Murdoch since people hate him at least as much as they hate you or perhaps even more (is that possible?). That will be £3k in consulting fees please Chris, cheap at the price (sound familiar?)

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    Who apparently forced him to bully his wife into taking the rap, positively encouraged him to have an affair and, finally, made him drag the whole legal process out to the bitter end before pleading guilt at the last minute before publishing the whole story.

    If it hadn’t been for the Murdoch press none of the newspapers, TV or radio broadcasters would have reported a cabinet minister being charged and then banged up for perjury, he says.

    I’m not linking to the article in the Guardian because, frankly, I think they’re wrong to give him the money and space to try and redeem himself with this sort of rubbish.

    Going for the dignified ‘I did wrong and I’ve learned my lesson’ approach will probably see him moving on more quickly than blaming others for his own poor judgement.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    The thrust of at least part of it seemed to be that loads of other people did it and it didn’t seem to be a big deal…basically “I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling kids!”

    The man is colossally deluded and laughably believes that anything he says will still be taken seriously.

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    Is this man stupid? Look at these two sentences written just a couple of lines apart!

    Given that I was falling in love with someone who was not my wife


    The News of the World sparked the end of my marriage,

    Premier Icon franksinatra

    now reading further

    Four successive weeks as the splash in the Sunday Times ensured our joint prosecution

    No, you breaking the law ensured that.

    I am no saint (but nor did I claim to be)

    But you did, you categorically protested your innocence

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    Chris Huhne blames Murdoch

    In reality, that should read Chris Huhne blames ….just about everyone else, apart from himself

    Here’s an idea Chris. When apportioning the blame maybe have a look in the mirror.

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    When apportioning the blame maybe have a look in the mirror.

    I suspect he’s tried that and didn’t like what he saw looking back.

    Premier Icon binners

    Good take on it from The Mash 😆


    I’m fully expecting a fake modesty-filled appearance on HIGNFY at some point soon.

    It’s just the same as Louise ‘bloody’ Mensch. Neither of them can keep their vacuous traps shut. They have to be centre of attention, whether they are lauding it, or coming over all ‘contrite’ and saying ‘if the tories lose Corby, blame me’.

    What these people crave is publicity, born out of a deluded belief that they have a sort of natural pre-eminence as someone who ‘should be listened to’.

    He should have:

    a) Kept his todger in his pants until he’d split from his missus
    b) Owned up to the speeding at the time
    c) Not been such a sanctimonious prat

    Sadly, he hasn’t.


    Given that it was the Sunday People and the Mail on Sunday that made the early running with the story, his attack on Murdoch seems a bit rich…

    Premier Icon richmtb

    It really must take some seriously tortuous doublethink to write a comment piece asking why politicians are so mistrusted while also being Chris **** Huhne

    Either that or he really is a deluded self serving ****


    Typical career polititian.
    **** cheating ****

    Premier Icon binners

    I’ve just read the full piece in the Grauniad. What a pile of self-serving, delusional tosh. Its one of those things that seem to be increasingly popular – the non-apology.

    I’m sorry…..

    I got caught.

    None of it was my fault.



    Huhne is a turd.

    That is all.


    It’s just clickbait, surely?

    Premier Icon Coyote

    I read the full piece this morning with real disbelief. It’s less about “People despise politicians – but whose fault is that?” and more about how he considers himself to have been unjustly treated.

    What a self-serving cock.

    the teaboy

    Just after this broke I met a friend of Chris Huhne. School(s) together, gap year travelling together, friends ever since. They wrote long letters to each other while CH was in prison and, apparently, CH found it “incredibly hard”.

    The friend’s view was ‘it’s unfair and ridiculous that he was locked up for this. It’s all because he’s middle class. If he was working class it would have gone nowhere. When I think about the sort of things we used to get up to, this is just so trivial’

    He was an unpleasant piece of work too.


    I have re-read that Graun piece a couple of times today, and I am still amazed by how much of a **** he is!

    I’m now thinking that HIGNFY is too ambitious, perhaps panto is what he’s after.

    I thought he was a smarmy, smooth-operator type, but this puts him at a new level of childish arrogance.

    What a prat.


    Well, both Huhne and Murdoch are just as despicable as each other. Murdoch and his Media machine really is out of control and has the politicians in the palm of their hands and are leveraging as much influence as they possibly can from them.


    Yup, the Murdoch press is out of control. A squalid little cabal of influence-pedlars, sanctimonious hypocrites and criminals.

    But Huhne has forfeited his credibility by lying. And being PROVEN guilty of lying TO A COURT. He has every right to comment. But the 1000 plus commenters on CiF on the Graun also have the right to say ‘sorry pal, but I don’t much care for the opinion of a convicted perjurer’.

    On this occasion, the Murdoch press acted correctly. Although it was not a Murdoch paper that broke the story.

    Huhne has actually succeeded in giving the press (and specifically the Murdoch press) some kind of kudos for running him to earth.

    Anyhow, wasn’t it Greenwald of the Grauniad who was threatening to expose embarrassing material because his boyfriend got stopped and questioned? I would say it is not his place to ‘threaten’. He should not be seeking to influence, he should just be reporting.

    The fact of the matter is that some politicians and journos alike are led to believe they are the mutts nuts. Then, when they are shown to be behaving in a way that is inconsistent with their preferred public persona, the age-old crap begins.

    “Do you know who i am?”

    “Print that and I’ll have your guts”

    “I’m not really like that”

    “You’ll never work in the industry again”

    Etc etc

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