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  • mendip

    I currently ride a hardtail, have been since ’93 and I am looking to buy my first full suspension mtb in the next few weeks, after seeing reviews of the Chris Boardman FS, they seem quite impressive with the spec and value with it but Halfords only sell them rather any bike shops which put me off, heard horror stories about them.

    What do you think of them?, any of you ride them too? please post your Chris Boardman FS here if you ride one, thanks.

    Here a link on youtube:


    Look pretty good to me.

    Not sure what’s supposed to be so bad about Halfords though ?


    IIRC Singletrack did a review & it was pretty favourable.


    I’ve had two experiences of them.

    Quite a racy riding position for a full suss, certainly not going to be a confidence inspiring ride, but OK for blasting on.

    Had one in the shop which had cracked on one of the mainframe pivot mounts. Don’t know if this is a common problem though.

    If they’re half as good as the HT the only weak points are the tyres and the bearings. Switch the former straight away and the latter when they wear out!

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    Most magazine reviews sem to really rate them, I’ve owned a Boardman hard tail and it’s been excellent.


    I have got the Team FS, it rides really well. Only changes are the tyres (2.5 High Rollers) and saddle, other than that its all really good kit. I run it with a lot of sag which feels good for me.

    Worth checking over the bike thoroughly after collecting it from Halfords, mine had flat tyres and the headset & handlebars were loose.

    I would highly recommend it, climbs well, descends well.

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