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  • Choccy Milk rules!
  • stumpy01

    Mars Refuel is great.

    Have drank it before after long rides if I'm away for a weekend of riding and while it's entirely unscientific, my legs always feel more sprightly the next day than if I don't bother with it.
    I suspect a fair amount of it has to do with just drinking a decent quantity of milk.

    I have a big glass of nesquick after a long ride

    warm it up a bit ifs cold outside

    yummy – can't tell you if it makes any difference or not but its lots cheaper than the "proper" stuff

    Chocolate milk vindication, but I already knew this!! 😉

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    Preferred the Cherry-Banana Mullermilk to the choccy ones. Tastes a bit nesquik-y. No idea if the chocolatey bit has the active ingredient or the milk, or if it's just pure placebo, but I felt alright afterwards.

    Can't stand milk normally tbh.


    In a series of four studies, researchers found that chocolate milk replaired and rebuilt muscles more effectively than the specially designed carbohydrate fluids.

    If I take that literally then they were not comparing like with like in the study. It sounds like they were comparing milk with energy drinks rather than recovery drinks.

    Still having looked at the ingredients on for goodness shakes (£1.40) and chocolate yazoo (£0.40), the yazoo wins out everytime.

    It didn't have many people in the study either:

    small study of 13 male college soccer players


    The study was supported by the Milk Processor Education Program, which runs the national Milk Mustache "Got milk?" Campaign.

    But I still enjoy chugging a Yazoo after a ride 🙂


    1L supermarket bottles of chocco milk FTW.

    I like the MyProtein choccy recovery drink. No idea if it "works" though.

    I know my colour vision is poor, but isn't that the wrong colour ?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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