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  • karimian5

    I have two sets of magicshines and they are still working after nearly 3 years. The only thing is the battery the light comes with. It constantly needs charging for the small amount of times the lights are used but they are well sealed at least. Might upgrade to the more powerful batteries (cost more than the lights).

    I have one light that is over 3000 lumens (claimed) and it’s awesome (don’t use it on the roads though as it dazzles drivers – although some deserve it).


    I was going to put a new post about lights but I may as well put it here!

    I’m currently contemplating a new light. My current 1100 lumens Cateye light makes night riding possible but it just isn’t enough when flying down through the woods, even if it does create a sense of Russian roulette RE tree routes etc!

    I want something ultra bright but want to spend as little as possible, preferably under £50.

    Does anyone have any recommendations please. Thanks in advance!


    Type in SSC- P7 in eBay and choose the best price of the model that suits your preferences helmet/ bars etc…. I’ve had 3 for 2 years awesome….. Just got a new one

    Premier Icon benp1

    Check out the solarstorm x2 very en vogue right now

    Or if you want even cheaper look for a t6 led light

    Premier Icon Pook

    Stay safe and use the proper brands please

    Ok. But only ‘cos you told me to.

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    i really can’t afford to kit the whole family out at exposure prices

    Someone will be along soon, to point out that if you can’t afford decent lights you shouldn’t be riding etc.
    Think of the children’s faces etc.


    An XM-L2 501b torch is £8… I’ve got four XML-T6/XM-L2 501b lights as well as an XML-U3 C8 and they are all good, though it’s worth greasing the threads and tightening the tailcap internals.

Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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