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  • Chinese carbon cyclocross – anyone got one?
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    I was thinking about a Planet X London Road frame but after hearing so many disaster stories of out of spec seat tubes etc, I couldn’t help but think you could get a Chinese carbon frame for not much more and stand a better chance of it actually being within spec. I know there’s the risk of a fiery, carbon splinter filled death but to counter that there seem to be quite a few people happily riding Chinese frames, looking at threads on mtbr and here.

    I’ve been looking specifically at the Flyxii FR-FX-602 and 603 which would come in at ~£300. Anyone got either or any other frame direct from China and could comment/recommend/criticise/post photos?

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    I may have one of these frames for sale(may already have buyer)

    Size 54 it’s been excellent only selling as I need more clearance out back(this can take up to 38 with mud clearance)

    I had it built as a sub 16lb singlespeed 🙂

    Email me if interested

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    Thanks for the offer but I don’t have the funds at the moment unfortunately and I’d probably be looking at a size 56.

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    I’ve got one, works fine, haven’t died yet and built it with ultegra, hydro brakes, stand wheels etc for 1300 quid.

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    Same one as plus one above.

    Wanted a carbon singlespeed, this (with an eccentric BB) seemed by far the best way.

    No hassles buying & shipping, frame’s brilliant. Cost about 300 I think. Built up for racing for the last two seasons, 6kg on the nose (including pedals!)

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    As long as you do your homework the direct from China route is fine. Some good reviews on this site of various suppliers. With the horror stories there are also ones of customer service which is on par with the bigger companies.

    I have had one for coming on three years, it’s done year round commuting/winter bike duties along with two cross seasons. Not had any issues and not looking to change it anytime soon.

    Mine is an IP-105d.


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    I’ve posted a few threads on mine – search on “mc098”

    basically it’s been great.

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    I’ve got a Dengfu one. Had it for a couple of years and it seems fine but it’s only been used on the road.

    There is something rattling around inside it now which I need to get out.

    The wheels from LB were a disaster though. 100% failure.

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    Got one from ican bikes, had it a year very happy with it although may sell as I’ve since bought a Cervelo and don’t need both.

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    I recently bought a Flyxii FR-602. Built it as my commuter but it turns out that with slicks on its just as fast as my aluminium dedicated road bike – but much more comfortable. Great purchase!

    This is mine:

    It’s due to be fully 105’d at the weekend.

    For a size guide I’m 6ft and ride a 55cm.

    Not sure what the difference is between the 602 and 603, apart from price, the 603 was only available in 53cm when I was purchasing.

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    Is there a list of these chinese suppliers ar good/bad in a single place? There seems to be lots of customers, but no database of quality etc to help make a decision

    Premier Icon nathb
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    From my personal research;


    Branded copies (talking about painted “Pinarello’s” etc). These are often produced by criminals using sweat shops and are usually built to a poor standard.

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    I’ve been using the 602 above as my commuting bike for over a year, initially had it set up wit cross tyres but more recently 28c schwalbe one’s. It’s been faultless, flexes a bit around the BB on the turbo trainer but seems OK on the road.

    I’ve had 4 sets of full carbon forks from flyxii for various bikes & never had a problem, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from them again.

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    Thanks for all the replies, very positive, which can’t be said for the London Road. I’ll do my homework and get purchasing when funds allow.

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