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  • Childhood milestones…
  • Premier Icon the-muffin-man

    …nope – not the end of Year 6! 🙂

    But the first time your child comes home absolutely twatted! Yep – our daughter got carried away at a friends party last night – lots of sick, head spinning, lots of crying, wife clearing up and calming her down.

    She’ll either learn from this and a) not let others get her drinks/top up b) moderate herself a bit more c) listen when we say ‘eat something!’ before you go out d) don’t mix every drink going.

    Premier Icon lunge

    e) wake up fresh as a daisy as she’s young enough to deal with these things and carry on her merry way. Then do it all over again…!

    Premier Icon binners

    Good work! A benchmark in any young life.

    I’m expecting it any day soon from binnerette number 1

    She told me the other day that she doesn’t even drink. I reminded her that she has me added on Instagram so I know full well that that’s bollocks 😀

    Premier Icon csb

    You did video all this I assume?

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