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  • wildrnes

    Not wanting to go into the whys and wherefores of each individual case on here, but i have been talking to one of my cycling buddies today and he mentioned he is having massive problems with the CSA

    I am also having massive issues with them (they send out letters which say i am not paying, but every time i contact them they say they can see that the payments are being made)

    i just want to get a bit of a straw poll to find out how many people are being bullied/ harassed/ screwed over by the CSA

    looks like my mate will be taken to court because the CSA failed to take a payment

    MP has been contacted, but i cannot find any complaints procedure information on the CSA

    thanks for reading



    DOn’t have kids shoud solve it.

    People without TV’s got harassed and the TV licence people got fined and had to change itself.

    See what happened to people and see if it applies to you too.


    i’ve never had a problem with it.


    Youre keeping people in jobs , be happy.


    I blame Thatcher.



    I mean,

    she set it up – it was her brainchild.

    And it’s never worked properly from day one.

    So yep, diffinately Thatcher’s fault. God that woman’s got a lot to answer for.

    According to the Daily Mail :

    The CSA was set up by Margaret Thatcher as one of her last acts as Tory Prime Minister in 1990

    Quote :

    “Other embarrassing cases included an apology to relatives of a 92-year-old housebound man in Cornwall who was accused by the agency of fathering an eight-year-old child.

    He had been dead for four years when the agency made its claim.

    A Nottingham man was told that his benefits would be cut because he had not demanded payment from his wife for the upkeep of his son. She had died in 1990″


    thatcher set up the csa with a target of making £900 Million per year. It failed. Those are two facts.

    Ros Hepplewhite is an evil woman.
    She even got her hairdresser, in about 1990, to give her a maggie style hairdo so she could look menacing.
    These evil tyrants tried to wreck my life over a child that I did not father.
    They were not interested in silly things like truth; their minds were already made up. Soliciters evidence fell by the wayside; it was all about gleaning money, fraudulantly.
    I’m gonna leave this thread now as my blood is boiling but maggie, and ros, I have a posy of BellaDonnas waiting for your graves.
    I regularly worship the ground yous are gonna be burried in.
    Oh, and BTW, I eventually ‘won’, but it was not for the want of these evil tyrants trying.
    Logging off.

    The concept was good*
    The implementation was bad**

    *The concept of making errant fathers face their responsibility, not the bit about making everyone suffer so MrsT (Rot her soul) could grab headlines

    ** But worked for some such as Aliegh by the sounds of it


    Logs back on to answer WCA 😕
    Yup, indeed, your ideas about concept and implementation should be a good one, but that was not actually about why the evil twins set up the scheme.
    It was about revenue. £900 million per year.
    Fathers already paying child maintenance had their LEGALLY BINDING court orders ILLEGALY overruled by the evil ones, but how do you argue against a tyrant that has an anvil for a head?

    But worked for some

    …? Yup, good for them.
    Anyhoo, I’ve got a bouquet of Poison Ivy to water, so I’ll be off now 😀

    trademark – I know more fathers AND mothers that have been screwed over by the CSA thatn have ever benefited from it. I also know a few people who previously worked for the CSA who said the whole thing just didn;t work. I am in no way defending it.

    Glad aliegh has benefited though. Nice person that Aliegh

    They hassled me for money that I’d already paid to my ex for months, there was nothing either of us could to stop them they are so incompetent. It seems there is a department for sorting out mistakes they have made and another department for collecting money with menaces. The two do not speak to each other. And both are behind all the time and so all delays are of the order of two or three months. The only way to sort it out was to agree to pay the money that I didn’t owe at some minimum weekly rate, then I went to the back of the queue and so by the time they got around to actually implementing that the other department had come back to life and realised there was no money to collect. No apology ever came.

    The joke was I was paying more to my ex than they said I should be anyway…


    They royally cocked things up for me. Luckily I have relatively decent communication with my ex and we just set up our own agreement, plus, I wasn’t on benefits, so they weren’t that interested.

    Re my other child’s father, he conveniently moved to Eire to avoid the jurisdiction of the CSA and is probably on £100,000. I’ve never had a penny from him for his 12 year old son and doubt I ever will.

    I dread to think what it would have been like if I was not in a relatively well paid job and didn’t have Childcare Tax Credits (the best thing Labour have done), I’d certainly be costing the taxpayer a hell of a lot more than I do now.


    I was told I would get a letter every month saying my payment was overdue because they wouldn’t change the payment dates on their system

    they also accused me of not paying £150 a month, even though I pay near enough double that and they have records of what I pay on their system.

    what gets me is they are accountable to no one


    What gets me is that they don’t seem to benefit anyone, specific cases maybe, but in general, everyone seems to get stuffed by them, Mothers and Fathers. Who suffers in the end? The children do.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    I agree with jojo on this – the few cases I know with mates means that hardly anyone benefits, least of all the kids.


    “What gets me is that they don’t seem to benefit anyone,”

    Whilst not wanting to get overly political, it always seemed to me that the whole point of the CSA was to reduce the burden on the tax payer. It never seemed to provide any benefit to the children.


    It was a cost reduction (getting lone parents off benefits) exercise dressed up as being of benefit to ‘families’. IMO

    Massive ‘fail’.


    Just thinking about the CSA brings back memories bad enough to actually make me feel sick. Never, ever, have I felt so helpless as I felt when trying to deal with them. You would litterally be better off banging your head agaist a wall with artex spikes on it.

    At one point, many years ago, there were apparently aircraft hanger sized store buildings full of post that they hadn’t even got around to opening yet, let alone answering.

    My children are grown up now thank goodness.

    Re the OP – I had a stamped reciept from the post office for every over the counter payment I made, and still they sent me threatening letters for non payment. When I phoned and eventually got through to someone they would acknowledge that I had paid, and then i’d get another threatening letter . . . .

    I feel for you mate.


    WCA, I wasn’t assuming that you were defending it. Apologies if I seemed to assume so .
    Aleigh does indeed seem a nice person, that bold print was not aimed at her.
    Anytime I type about the csa I’m looking at the keyboard through a haze of red mist 👿
    I’ll try to refrain in future 🙁


    Yep I’ve had the CSA on my case even though me and my ex have stated that payments were all made on time and up to date.
    I would suggest sending them via fax all of your payment slips and tie up their fax for over an hour, they don’t seem to forget you then 😕
    The CSA currently only make 32p out of every pound collected, so 68p in administration, imagine a coporate business trying to explain that to shareholders.
    The only good thing the CSA has done is get fathers to share care with mothers as it reduces their cost, not sure if this is by chance or intended though.
    The issue is though if you want to avoid paying it’s still too easy to do so.

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