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  • Child-friendly cycling around NE Cotswolds (and maybe some MTB for me)
  • Premier Icon benp1

    I’m going to be staying around Whichford with the family for a few days.

    Looking to do some cycling with my two older kids, 6 and 7. Is there any good, traffic-free cycling in that area that we can do? Have a car so can lob bikes onto that

    Also, are there any local MTB routes there that I can do from the front door? Will be on a rigid MTB so gravelish routes are OK too. Found this one – – but not sure how good it is. Obviously better than nothing!

    I asked for some advice for my last holiday in Dorset and got some great tips so hoping STW comes up trumps again. Thanks in advance!

    Premier Icon andywill

    Hi benp1, I live locally, there are a few bridleways around, I will try & cobble a route or 2 for you. That route is ok but its very overgrown in one place & the brambles will cut you to pieces!
    email me at andreww1955 at gmail dot com

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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