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  • mikey74

    Does anyone know what is going on at Chicksands at the moment? I went there yesterday and had a great time, but it seemed that a fair amount of the chickshore stuff had been removed and there was no-one wandering around collecting money.

    By the way, this is just a query and not a criticism, as I really like the place and had a blast on the dual slalom course. I really wanted to go on the 4x course but there were too many people watching, lol.

    mostly the ‘committee’ are trying (quietly) to remove the XC trails and maximise the ‘shore, 4X, dual slalom elements. The problem is basically they are removing everythingat the ‘entry level’ so it’s near impossible to get a n00b to try more progressive riding without going straight into gap jumps, skinnies & massive doubles.

    frankly I think they are doing a shocking job in keeping the woods open for general mtbing and if I had my way they would all be out on their collective ears. I won’t be paying to ride there until they stop being elitist and start work on blue, green or red trails.

    I have to agree with crotchrocket, Chicksands is my local woods and when the red and blue routes were in existance a good couple of hours riding could be had. Then overnight almost they fenced off an area that cuts straight through where the red went and removed all the existing signs.

    Mountain biking should be about catering for all and not just an elite few. Find the best time to ride there now is at night when you can go where you want without hassle.

    night riding is the future. do a few night rides there and other local-ish places.
    night rides – reclaim the trails!!!!

    Premier Icon ampthill

    There is now a yellow signed Xc route which is OK but alo a bit randon/ no actual trail

    I certainly agree that the controlling cub can’t be allowed to turn their back on XC/ trail ridding


    It wasnt the xc bit I was concerned about because, although it was harder to navigate than normal, I found the majority of the xc route.

    I mainly go there for the chickshore and dual slalom and then do a few laps of the xc to finish off with. I did notice that most of the easier stuff had been taken down: I agree that they should build to suit all skill levels.

    I would love to help build, but I live 90 miles away so not really practical.

    the shore is dead, all removed for FC reasons pretty much

    there is unlikely to be a return


    the shore was taken out as it was rotten.

    i cant think of many gap jumps at chicky orther than dj’s one on bull run and 2 on newish dhy thing.

    there’s miles of paths in them woods too

    a lot of the easier stuff was older and therefore the first to come down

    oh and lets not forget that ‘the powers that be’ still don’t consider wooden constructions to be classed as part of cycling and therefore not insurable


    which you in fact helped build mike! 🙂


    I thought all the problems with the FC had been sorted out on the premise that they followed certain rules when building the stuff.
    I hope it does continue as it is a great place, but I’m not sure if its worth the 180 mile round trip to just ride the dual slalom, lol.

    There was meant to be a meeting concerning the future of chicksands tonight, but has been canceled,i was told today that the F C would{secretly} like to stop all riding in the woods, the fat trax lads are waiting to here a bit more from F C, so are not allowed at the moment to do much, but concerning the xc route at the moment, there are still plenty of trails that can be linked together and ridden with a smile on your face, i did 3 laps today all different and all fun, then down the road to the proper chicksands woods{not rowney warren} then through to the hills at barton, making a good varied xc ride. Just go and have a look about.

    I don’t think there is any secret that the owners want rid of Fat Trax. they apparently rub up the locals, southill estate & adjacent landowners the wrong way.
    I’m not surprised they annoy me too.

    Why not get the silly grin lads in to see if they can sort the xc routes out, i dont think that fat trax lads are quietly trying to do away with the xc trails, i think that since the woods have been forested, the FC have just been putting things off, hoping that the riders will slowly dwindle and go somewhere else. True that most of the guys at fat trax are into jumping and shore, but whats wrong with that, they have put a hell of a lot of work into what they are into, and they obviously have done a very good job, as the amount of riders that come from all over the uk to ride must prove.As for rubbing the locals up the wrong way, they would only be happy if they are the only people allowed to use the woods, they consider the woods,theirs, adjacent landowners always moan about anything they can, and the FC were really quite helpful when it was run by somebody else at the local office, the new staff have a different outlook to people enjoying the woods, i think. I dont know why they annoy you tho.



    Are people so spoon fed these days that they can’t find trails in a small wood?

    As for being elitist….LOLWTF….you can roll down the dual course on a road bike, and I’ve seen plenty of kids riding down it on childrens bikes. Grow some balls!

    forgotmename> sillygrin’s nowt to do with me. you ask ’em! I only mentioned them as they are the only other group I know of locally.

    Just because BFT put work in & people visit doesn’t prove they’ve done a good job. FWIW I think the trails, jumps & work is largely good(to my untrained eye). I also think the organisation, PR & communication is poor. I’m not having a go, it’s just my perception as a rider & ex-member. I think it’s great that they’ve stepped up to the plate & tried to create a great venue for ‘shore & freeride. I also think they could go for a wider appeal & perhaps a more inclusive approach might bring the FC/Estate back on side?
    What I have found annoying in the past is the general defensive surly attitude toward suggestions or criticism. too touchy by half.

    Walleater> this is not about having balls. sure XC riders can use the dual track & they prolly do. but the point is it’s more about removing the official XC trail & excluding the ‘XC riders’ from sections of the hills. the trails are still there and will continue to be ridden, however the XC riders are the ones who should be supported by BFT. Then BFT might find the XC riders might pay membership & co-support the BFT efforts to improve the facilities for ALL.

    anyway that’s my 2p



    Are people so spoon fed these days that they can’t find trails in a small wood?

    Erm, can I respond by repeating that I had no problem with the xc stuff. What I go for is the chickshore and the downhill/dual slalom bits and the xc is a bonus to stretch ones legs afterwards. I agree that there is plenty in the woodland to easily put together a ride without it being marked but to be honest it is not worth me travelling all that distance for the xc, but that coupled with the chickshore and dual slalom/4x/downhill is.


    The XC trails were in Chicksands long before Fat Trax, basically they were paths/trails that already existed, they were then developed into 2 loops which was good. However when Fat Trax decided to “improve” things it was only the freeride/shore stuff they were interested in, they then shut areas off to the XC users who were the original users and started charging people . They completely neglected the XC courses, cut parts out and begun to disappear up their own bottoms. I and my colleagues have experienced Fat Trax’s wardens/marshals whatever first hand whom in my experience tend to be surly and bloomin rude. i complained to them on their website and asked what is happening with the XC to be met with vagueness /false promises etc. Now the XC loops have gone entirely and a half hearted effort with some yellow spray painted arrows on trees is the XC route , big deal. Problems with the local users(public,dog walkers etc) have arisen especially of late as there are now NO warning signs, marker posts etc to warn of bikes or areas etc only the sacred freeride areas. Fat trax have done a reasonable job in the freeride area at the expense of evryone else whom they are not interested in. I haven’t seen a XC race in Chicksands for a fair while now.


    FNSS were there last year (I think) but nothing this year. I’m all out for a full on Jeyboy ride in the freeride area (without paying) just as a protest. I’d even wear lycra – just to make the statement.
    (steady girls)

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