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  • Saccades

    Just picked the nipper up from the creche as she has chicken pox, I've never had it – someone said it's supposed to be bad in adults?

    What's the symptoms as an adult? since I've picked her up I'm as itchy as an itchy thing but I'm pretty sure that's my imagination in overdrive.

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    the main symptoms in adults is to ask a load of IT staff on a bicycle internet forum about your symptoms.



    the main symptoms in adults is to ask a load of IT staff on a bicycle internet forum about your symptoms.


    my bro had it when he was 18 ish. like nasty flu at the start and he was old enough to scratch himself to its but ok. No scars


    My bro had it and was a mess (he was mid 20s). Lots of scars. He gave it to me (I'm 10 years older) and I got a couple of spots.

    You'll be unpopular if you don't take a week or two off work.

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    in seriousness – if you are a pregnant woman it can be a major problem.


    My mum had it in her 20s. She got lots of scars on her arms, but this was in the 60s, so maybe things have moved on since then medically


    I'll try and be a bit more helpful 😉

    I got it again as an adult, I's already had it as a child. It started with a horrible flu like fever, lack of appetite, cold sweats etc then progressed to spotty eruptions. I thought I'd been eating too much choccy and turned back into a teenager…

    I was overseas at the time and the Doc gave me some pills (Valtrex I think) same active ingredient as Zovirax cream (chicken pox is a variant of herpes) and the pills cleared my 'condition' up in a couple of days. I was back in work within 3 days of symptoms much to the delight of my colleagues with kids 🙂

    Not sure if you can get Valtrex in this country, ask yer Doc.

    BTW, apparently it can be really horrible and develop into Shingles but I know as much a syou do on that subject, suggest Google…or God forbid, a Doctor 🙂


    My wife had it last year – not something I'd volunteer to have, I can tell you


    I had it a couple of years back.

    Ended up looking like a Sweetcorn Pizza.

    Itched like you wouldn't believe. Fortunately spent most of the first week asleep. (doc made me take 2 weeks off to avoid infecting the rest of the office). 2nd week I was fine and out on the bike every day.


    wwaswas – I've only just gotten up after my night shift and the missus had spoken to the creche/doctor – I was just hoping for a quick heads up.

    Found a website on adult chickenpox – fingers crossed I do't get it.


    I had it in my mid-twenties. Covered in spots from head to waist, even had them on my gums! Not a nice experience. Took about ten days to clear up completely. Wasn't half as bad as mumps though!


    Nasty experience – got it in my 20s. Spots EVERYWHERE – yes, EVERYWHERE – and they itch and itch and the cream barely helps. Sick feeling, drained. I was nearly admitted when the spots inflamed and were threatening to close my windpipe and throat. Just pray that if you do get it, you get a light case of it. I was knackered for weeks.


    Got it at 21 and it was **** terrible. Spots do indeed get EVERYWHERE.


    I had it when I was 35 and suffered really badly, probably the most ill I've ever been! Not a pleasant thing to pick up when you're older.

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    I had Chicken Pox early this year after my two boys were exposed and I found out I had never had it. It takes about two weeks to incubate so I had the vaccination straight away to try and reduce the effects. Then when the spots came out I got Zovirax tablets from the Doc. That helped the spots but I still felt bad for a couple of days. I feel for you. Good luck.

    I had it when I was 32. I thought I was gonna die! It was absolutely horrible. Same as what others have already said really. I had spots in places you don't want to even hear about. In fact when I got circumsised a few years ago the scars from me scratching me knob were still there!


    I had it in me late 20's. Fookin' horrible! Scars on my mush make me look like someone has tried to kill me with a fork.


    Herpes! Herpes! Herpes!

    very itchy, don't go out in public as you can give it to people who can get really ill off it (immuno suppressed, pregnant etc)

    Stay in, have all day baths, play xbox, generally chill. Lots of beer will help too.


    I had it in my late 30's had a severe allergic reaction,even had it in my lungs,coughing up scabs etc,I was rushed into emergency,then put straight in an isolation room,heart rate peaked at over 220bpm for over an hour,seriously thought I was gonna die,just thinkin about my kids and stuff,very weird experience,was like watching a film,from the inside.
    got scars on face an all,wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

    still,never mind eh ?


    18 when I got it, flu like symptoms, very very itchy, as above spots everywhere and I do mean everywhere!

    i had it earlier this year, after my brother in law brought his 3 infected children round to a BBQ, dispite being told not to, as his dad, nor me have had CP.

    bar chair!


    I got it in my mid thirties and got off pretty lightly judging by other peoples accounts. The flu like symptoms for the first 24 hours were pretty bad.

    Then spots and itching but no complications or scarring. The week off work was nice.

    Aciclovir is your friend!!

    chicken pox is only harmful to pregnant women who have never had chickenpox- few and far between.


    Had it when I was 23…… really knocked the sh*t out of me. Felt completely drained, itched everywhere. Prob the most ill I've ever been (I don't get ill very often) it even put me off the drink!!

    Baths and splashing water on the skin seemed to help but was still mega uncomfortable for about a week……just don't look in the mirror 😥


    I had it earlier this year, the symptoms started about 10 days after my daughter had it, 1st 24 hours were dreadful, then got better gradually over the next 3 days or so, had it in my lungs too, not nice! spots laster about 2 weeks, the only thing that took the itch away was an oatmeal bath, makes you smell like porridge though…


    I got it in my late 20's, as did a load of adults where I work. I had hardly any problems with it at all, other than the spots existing and was given no medication, just a sick note. When I got back to work everyone was saying what a bad illness they had. I wondered if having an electric blanket and keeping it on high solved a lot of the symptoms for me, as I was fine while in bed, normal, only trips to the loo etc the first couple of days were less fun, but that of course was away from the heat.


    In fact when I got circumsised a few years ago the scars from me scratching me knob were still there!

    Thanks for that information 🙁

    BTW, apparently it can be really horrible and develop into Shingles

    I don't think that is correct – shingles is a recurrence of the chicken pox virus so I don't see why it is any more likely to appear just because you got the original as an adult. (Apart from you have more chance of getting shingles if you have had chicken pox because you cannot got shingles if you have not had chicken pox).


    2 weeks later and I'm sat here feeling like shit with hundreds of spots/blisters just starting to show up.

    Doctor told me to keep taking paracetamol and ride it out…


    When I got it I remember suddenly feeling really woosy, like a bad hangover and having to go to bed it was that bad. Think the spots came a day or 2 later (and they were everywhere!). Like stompy said, it really wiped me out too for a couple of weeks. Think I lost over a stone in weight.


    I had it earlier this year @32.

    I felt shivery, woozy and then broke out in spots.

    The itching was bad, but I managed to resist scratching completely. Just block it out!

    -I did accidentally knock off one scab when taking my T-shirt off which produced a scar -The rest of the spots disappeared.

    I felt bad for a few days and was off work for 10 days, over May Bank holiday.

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