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    ‘Howay man bob pet, would you like to look at us tattoo, ya kner, the one that gers all round us arse like?’

    I’d say yes but pretend to look. Wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings.

    I’ve never had a tattoo because i know i’d get fed up looking at it. On the bum means i’d never see it.

    I said on the bum 😳


    It’s obviously covering up a tramp stamp, I think it’s an interesting solution..


    The PM has a tramp stamp? (he does have two belly buttons)


    The last thing. I think of when I see someone old with Tattoos is ‘wow he must be some sort of cool baddass dude who generally looks awesome’

    In general I just think, there’s some one who is old.


    I would. Shes now charity-shag territory. Which means lucky-you shezza

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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