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  • Chemical Strippers and Powderccoaters – South London
  • mk1fan

    Anyone recommend a decent powder coaters in South London. Need to get a few steel frames refurbed.

    Say within 10-miles of Croydon.

    Just been quoted £150 per frame to chemically strip, chemical black and then powder coat. Would like to consider other options.

    Premier Icon lcj

    I used Willow Powder Coating for an old frame, they handled the stripping and the coating: http://www.willowpowdercoatingmitcham.co.uk/

    The finish was ok, but they weren’t clued up for doing bikes so the coating was too thick, and they covered some threads despite me having masked them off!

    Ok if they’re cheap frames for hacks, but otherwise avoid for bikes.

    Sorry I cant recommend one, but hopefully let you avoid trouble!

    Is it better to chemical strip or bead blast?

    I think you have to use chemicals to strip existing powdercoat but whatever you do, you’ll be getting all of the paint off. Bead blasting does give you a good scratch free result though. Have you thought about Anodising? It’s not that expensive and I think it’s better, especially matt black :). There are quite a few around your way. I used one in Mitcham but can’t remember the name.

    Premier Icon kilo

    I used willow on an old tt frame and as Icj says pretty poor job. You’d be better of going to Armourtex tbh

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