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  • nicko74

    Bit of a random one this (actually, very random), but I have been known to shamefully enjoy classic cheeserock from time to time. You know, stuff like Radar Love, More than a Feeling, Whiskey in the Jar, Africa, all that junk.

    I’m trying to find a CD compilation that’ll have them on it, but really struggling. Any pointers?

    Skid Row – Wasted Time, 18 and Life, Big Guns
    Poison – Pretty much everything they did!
    Love/Hate – Black out in the red room
    Motley Crue – See Poison!
    Thunder. Lots and lots of Thunder! Especially "Lucky Man" with the superb opening on the ‘devil’s doorbell’, the cowbell!
    Extreme – The Pornograffiti album should supply all you need
    Faith No More – Epic, The Real Thing, We Care a Lot
    ZZ Top – Pearl Necklace, Tube Snake Boogie, La Grange, Tush, Mexican Blackbird
    Foreigner – Hot Blooded (Live version best!)
    G N’ R – Lots thereof

    Actually, why not just copy my playlist………..

    HAve a look at these – http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_ss_m_h_?url=search-alias%3Dpopular&field-keywords=dad+rock
    "Dad rock"…..**** me I feel old!

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Air Guitar Classics or whatever it was called should have them all

    We have a few knocking about in the car, but they are so old now I can’t remember all of them

    CFH’s playlist looks ominously like my CD collection – not much after 1995!

    clicky piccy

    Premier Icon DezB

    **** me I feel old!

    Maybe not old, just have crap taste (FnM forgiven) 🙂

    You need one of those hideous driving compilations. http://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_ss_w_h_?url=search-alias%3Dpopular&field-keywords=driving&x=20&y=16

    I feel ill

    Swadey, that’s pretty much the state of my MP3 player, and my car stereo set up. Lots of that kind of stuff!

    Ye of the fromage feet, that’s got some cracking stuff on it! Such as;

    15. Green Tinted Sixties Mind – Mr. Big
    16. Been Caught Stealing – Jane’s Addiction
    17. Place Your Hands – Reef
    18. Hey You – Quireboys

    8. Epic – Faith No More
    9. 7 O’Clock – Quireboys

    1. Walk This Way – Run DMC & Aerosmith
    2. Stop The Rock – Apollo 440
    3. Pretend We’re Dead – L7
    4. Blister In The Sun – Violent Femmes

    9. Werewolves Of London – Warren Zevon

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Oh to be young, dumb and mullet haired again…….

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    lately, i’ve been watching boston and journey vids on youtube almost the the complete exclusion of anything else.

    can’t get on it at work, but look up the promo vid for "seperate ways" by journey on the ‘tube… if a little kid asked me what the 80s were like, i’d show them that video and say "for me, this!"

    Premier Icon darrell

    i had a mullet once at the behest of a girlfriend in the eary 80s – what a tw4t i must have looked

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Mine got cut off c.1991 after I woke up and found that the lady in my life at the time had plaited it while I was asleep….


    This is my list…

    She Sells Sanctuary – The Cult
    Better Days – Gun
    Love Walked In – Thunder
    Breakthrough – Queen
    Cherry Pie – Warrant
    Pure Morning – Placebo
    Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple
    Fool for your Loving – Whitesnake
    Bark at the Moon – Ozzy Osbourne
    Smells like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

    My hair was cut off in ’92 so that the back of my head could be stitched back together after a car crash… I miss it, but i’m never going to go through that ‘lovejoy’ stage again…

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