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  • Cheers Wiggle!
  • Not usually a fan of buying on-line but couldn’t pass on their Ultegra 6800 wheels, especially through Topcashback. Ordered on Saturday afternoon, delivery signed for at 8.50am this morning. In a world of complaining at the drop of a hat, and I’m one of the worst, credit where credit is due. Plus they dropped two bags of Haribo in there as well!!


    credit where credit is due.

    Surely the credit lies with the courier?

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    Have you checked yet to make sure they are true?


    I think you’ll find the Haribo are out of date.

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    Customer satisfaction is all about the Haribo these days.

    Sounds like wiggle are doing weekend picking and dispatch, do the other interweb emporia of cycling goods do such things too? Don’t think I have ever ordered Saturday and received stuff Monday before 9:00 from anywhere…

    That’s quite good really, plus there’s a BC discount available with wiggle…

    Wheels are indeed true.

    Sweets have been consumed, never checked date.

    Credit can be split 50/50 with couriers.


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    Ah you got the true set then 😉

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    Just heard that wiggle are on the move up to the Midlands as they can’t find enough warehousing in Portsmouthto to stay. They do indeed seem to do weekend order picking – went past at the shift change yesterday evening. That is one big operation now.

    Good that you were there to sign for it as well! 😉

    In true STW fashion I put dibs on the true set 😉

    CFH – I wasnt, the Mrs signed for them. Probably trued them up before I got home so I wasn’t in a mood 😳

    Probably trued them up before I got home so I wasn’t in a mood


    Can she have a go at my wheels as well? Back took a bit of a spanking at BPW at the weekend! A470 is full of teh radd airz!

    Bring it round mate, she’s an expert at spanked rears 😆


    I didn’t really envisage this thread taking the course it has, I only wanted to say well done to an online bike retailer – my fault, I know 😳

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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