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  • Checking for Rail Disruptions in Advance
  • ricko1984
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    Hi all,

    I’ve got a big train journey up to the north of Scotland next week for my holidays (Friday 29th).

    This is 2 days after the first strike and a day before the second, so worried about disruption to my journey.

    National Rail journey planner is currently saying no disruption on the route, but I don’t really trust it.

    Is there another way of checking this in advance with any certainty or is it literally hope for the best and check on the day?

    Starting to think I should put contingency plans in place and hire a car just in case

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    I think you’ll be ok. Disruption either side of a strike is the evening before, on the day (obviously) and the morning after when service patterns need to be re-formed and rolling stock put back in the right place.

    If you post up which operators you’re using that would help too as not all operators and routes are equally affected.

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    Follow the operator on Twitter and ask the question nearer to the date. However I don’t think you will have any issues – I certainly haven’t experienced any issues on the days either side of strikes (Northern Rail).

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    Cheers guys, fingers crossed it will be ok.

    Will be on TPE Carlisle to Glasgow and Scotrail Glasgow to Thurso via Inverness

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    At the very least, expect trains before and after strike days to be busier than normal.

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    I wouldn’t rely on any Scottish trains especially with the current situation, they still want compensation for working during covid even though they never lost any salary and very few passengers
    Homeward bound springs to mind where you will be sitting at a railway station got a ticket to my destination but no fxxxxxg train

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    Will be on TPE Carlisle to Glasgow and Scotrail Glasgow to Thurso via Inverness

    You’re issue here isn’t the strikes.
    It’s just Scotrail.

    (Last Saturday – no trains all day Dunblane to Perth (20 miles, direct line) between 7am and 4.40pm, unless you go south 2 stops to Stirling, get accused by guard at Stirling we shouldn’t have gone south and therefore have wrong tickets, and then hop on a train back north and wave as you go through Dunblane 40 mins after you left…for a journey that’s usually 27mins iirc.)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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