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    Just been to buy a tin of White paint from Wickes,and the price on the shelf said 6.49, and the price in the book said 6.49,so the checkout girl charged me 7.49.Then had the cheek to ask me to buy a raffle ticket for some footballers used shirt, to raise money for destitute shop staff or some such pointles thing.

    So went to recheck price after i had paid by card,so back to checkout explained politely the problem,(forgot to explain that as she was not a banker,she had commited fraud, and obtained money illegally,and she could be sent to prison for fraud).

    So just asked for a refund,which eventually i got.

    So always check your receipt.


    Goes without saying doesnt it? Congrats on getting your pound back!

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    didn't you read the display before doing the PIN ?

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    forgot to explain that as she was not a banker,she had commited fraud, and obtained money illegally,and she could be sent to prison for fraud

    Be a bit over the top wouldn't it? I'm sure it was a simple mistake!


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    Supermarkets are very good on this. Normally extremely apologetic and give you whatever it was for free (within reason). Worst places for it are restaurants where frequently I'm given the machine and asked to enter my pin without the amount being visible. So normally I ask them to go back and start again.

    within reason, they can charge you whatever they want at the till

    you didn't enter into a contract by reading a price off the shelf, you entered into it by paying and you paid £7.49.


    So if i see a new bike at 1500 quid and then get to the till and the youth with spikey hair charges me 1600 quid thats ok then.

    unless you can prove it was priced deliberately low to increase the chance of a sale then they are under no obligation to sell it at the marked price.

    The fact that you didn't check the transaction amount is not the shop's fault, the mistake was purely in updating the thousands of price tickets in line with their EPOS updates.

    It is a pain in the arse though and most shops will just sell it at the lower price.


    Sorry but the price on product is only and "invatation to treat", not a legally binding price.

    Quite stron law on this.


    That's nothing… 🙂


    Fascinating thread.

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    or, don't check your receipt….

    i was looking for a front door to go on my shed a few years back.

    went into B&Q and was going to take a simple half glazed jobbie for £40 when the GF saw a nice oak door, 12 'wonky' glass panels reduced from £240 to £120 to £80. checked the door all over and the only 'fault' we could see were some blue chalk marks on the bottom.

    picked the door up and carried it to checkout. the girl typed in the price as there was no barcode, just a sticker. luckily i paid using my card, otherwise i would have realised she only asked for 80p.

    she hadn't moved the 00.80 forward. result. the GF clocked it but didn't say anything till we'd loaded it into the van.

    nice one, sticking it to 'the man' 🙂


    the local super marché tried to charge me 64,000. Euros for a piece of cheese a couple of weeks ago.. but cagey me I noticed it right off.


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    she hadn't moved the 00.80 forward. result. the GF clocked it but didn't say anything till we'd loaded it into the van.

    Yeah, and then the poor girl at the checkout lost her job because her till was £79.20 short and she was already on a warning. Her, already struggling to make ends meet on a basic wage, with those three kids at home to support and no help from their good-for-nothing absentee father. That'll be them out on the street now or maybe taken into care by the social if they're lucky.

    Hope you enjoy your door 😈

    [ Renton Narrating ] Sooner or later,
    this kind of thing was bound to happen.

    [ Laughing ]

    [ Man ] Because shoplifting is theft,
    which is a crime…

    and, despite what you may believe, there
    is no such entity as victimless crime.

    Heroin addiction may explain your
    actions, but it does not excuse them.

    Mr. Murphy, you are a habitual thief…

    devoid of regret and remorse.

    In sentencing you to six months
    imprisonment, my only worry is…

    that it will not be long
    before we meet again.


    Yeah, and then poor girl at the checkout lost her job because her till was £79.20 short

    Till wouldn't have been down – it was entered manually

    It must be that crack habit that put her on the street 😀


    ignore me 🙄

    it depends if she scanned it. if the sticker registered the sale at 80p, it would have told the chip and pin device automatically to charge 80p and the till would balance. If it registered at 80 quid on the till it should have gone through automatically and she would have had to manually type in the amount incorrectly.

    if there was no barcode scanned then 80p's worth of good left the store – simple.

    i doubt anyone would lose their job unless it was happening on a regular basis or fraud was suspected / proven

    although i think you're just fishing here 🙂

    wow treble post and you all managed to say the same thing in about 5 words. must work at being more succinct.

    sorry – went back and re-read before you posted

    no, glad to know i was on the right track for once 🙂

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    well, I once didn't check a receipt when filling a company car up on the way to Hamburg Luebeck and when i did my expenses, I noticed the cheeky cow had charged 2 mobile phone top-ups in the same transaction……

    …..serves me right for not checking. I was a bit miffed though.

    So, if you fill up at the Shell garage on the main road from Airbus, Hamburg (Finkenwerder) towards the Autobahn, beware!! 🙂

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    yeah, but either way, i got a cheap door.

    looks good too.

    YAY to dosy check-out operators!


    I'm no lawyer so might be completely off the mark, but as I remember it a displayed price is simply an 'invitation to treat'. When you take the item to the till I think you're effectively making an offer, the shop can accept or refuse. If the item scans at a different price I guess that the shop is making you an offer, which you can accept or refuse. When you both 'agree' it becomes contractual. What's interesting here is that although you weren't specifically told that the paint was a different price it should have shown up on the card machine (and if it was the only object, should have been apparent), so would it be possible that their offer had been communicated back to you and you'd accepted it by authorising the payment? I could be talking rubbish of course.


    That pound could have gone to that dreadlocked- angry greepeace chugger earlier today. All I said was 'ok, only if you worked for greenpeace themselves' and swampy with a minge like a swamp was allover and up on me with her adolesant ethics.. 🙄

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    Couple of times I've found a cd marked down to £5, thought, 'ooo cool, I've wanted that for some time', got to the till and had the thing scanned, and it's come up £3. Bargain, especially when it was £10.99 a couple of weeks before!


    Well to update you all, the tin of white paint is now a tin of black paint on the barcode, yey white paint on the front, and i havent opened it, as its oiled based, abnd full of VOC,s so i will not be useing it, so back to Wickes in the next few days, to see what they refund it as.

    Also bought a desk last week reduced from 58 quid to 20 quid,and a fridge reduced from 99.99 to 85 quid, so sometimes things go right.

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