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  • Cheapo hydraulic brakes – fettle or forget it?
  • bokonon

    I have one bike, it’s a specialized hardrock, it’s my do all bike, I ride it to work, ride it off road. I’ve done maybe 250 miles on and off road since October. (it’s a short commute)

    The brakes which came with it are Tektro Draco OEM hydraulic brakes, the front one is fine, no problems, I’ve replaced one set of pads on it, and it’s been stopping the bike well from day one.

    The problem is the back one. Pulling it back and it hardly bites at all, however this comes and goes – I have had a look at it, tried to solve the problem to the tune of: changing pads, bled the system – the mineral oil was a grey colour when i did this – so I thought that changing it might solve this – it has helped – however, rather than just not really biting, it’s now biting sometimes and not biting others.

    I think the problem is to do with the pistons not both moving together, and I’m minded to try and get them to do this (clean them off, try and get some mineral oil around them to help them move) however – I’d like to know, am I wasting my time? Should I sack them off and get some not so cheap brakes?

    I’ve seen these: which use the same pads and mounts, and if the hoses it comes with are too short (reports on here are mixed in terms of length) it would (I think?) be fine to re-use the hoses from the Tektro’s and the spare olives etc. which I have from the service kit (they both use the same olive kit from superstar…so this is a guess on my part).

    I’ve also seen these: which are more expensive, but long enough hoses (the above plus hoses etc. is the same price as these)…



    Easy enough to strip and service the calipers, but you’ll need a tamperproof torx bit to undo them (or snap the pin off).


    Just fitted a set of the deore m596 to replace the oem tektro Draco on my spesh camber, the difference is night and day. If I were you I would replace them and keep the tektro for emergencies.
    Hope this helps.

    Plus you get all you need to shorten the hoses with the m596 brakes.


    Thanks for the advice above – pins snapped, calliper stripped and serviced, now working fine.

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