cheapish cycling glasses recommendations

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  • cheapish cycling glasses recommendations
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    The lens of my old lazer glasses have snapped in half and I can’t seen to get a replecement lens. I’ve tried a combo of sellotape and superglue for the last couple of weeks but its not really working.

    Any suggestions for cheapish (ideally around £30-£40 max) glasses with photochromatic lenses? In an ideal world I’d like them to be frameless as even on mtb I sometimes find the top bar gets in the way when trying to get low into a headwind

    Premier Icon johnw1984

    Not those £12 Bolle google type glasses from Screwfix… They were next to useless!

    Premier Icon YoKaiser

    Have a mooch about Decathlon. If you can get to a shop then all the glasses seem lumped together. Some of the sailing ones are worth a look. Very cheap too.

    Planet X have some very euro looking jobs in if you are brave.

    Think you will struggle for choice if you want photochromic at that price. I have had Sunwise glasses from tredz before, very good for the price and recommended by me.

    Premier Icon nemesis

    I can recommend cheap (£15) photochromic lenses for Radar EV (sorts out the vision thing) on ebay but obviously you need the frame then which probably won’t be cheap. There may of course be full glasses similarly available on ebay.

    I found the ebay lenses to work as well as my genuine Oakley photochromic ones. Unfortunately 😉

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    FWE do some cheaper photochromatic glasses that fit well and look decent.

    Can’t comment on lense performance but the clear ones don’t fog up as much as the Bolle I used before.

    I’ve got some Sunwise glasses too and really pleased with them although not cycling specific.


    Found some Tifosi Crit photchromatic omes reduced on Evans, which with a BC 10% discount came to £32. They’ve jsut arrived and seem really good. They have a bar across the top but it doesn’t seem that intrusive. THink I got lucky as I jsut looked for the link and they are now up by £10 and out of stock 🙂

    As a result of this thread I also ordered some carnac glasses from planet x, quite pleased with them for the price and include three lenses. The red ones look cool.


    Go to TK Max, buy cheapo sunnies, pop out the lenses and get them glazed by your local optician.

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    think you can get Tifosi photo glasses for a shade over £40 from the likes of Tredz.

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    Decathlon now do photochromic for under £30 which are excellent. They don’t change ultra fast but are acceptable

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    Alpkit Kruger’s are cheap (£15) and come with 3 lenses.  Had mine for a while and they did the job:

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    I have some <span class=”il”>Endura</span> Masai Glasses (£44 from Wiggle) and have been impressed with them. First time I’ve had photochromatic and love it!

    That said, the DHB ones are £34.|s4QbvHhPD_dc|mcrid|67090840622|mkw||mmt||mrd|5360517253uk|mslid||&mkwid=s4QbvHhPD_dc&pcrid=67090840622&prd=5360517253uk&pgrid=17507340302&ptaid=pla-347993380010


    Just took a punt at those ribble glasses with 10% off a bargain at £20, good reviews as well.

    Premier Icon igm

    Safety glasses and safety sunnies from trade stands at conferences.

    Free. And decent performance if you get the right ones – Bolle Contour or Rush+ for me.

    Under a tenner if you have to pay.

    Those Ribbles look interesting though.

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