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  • Cheapest way to Zwift?
  • Premier Icon Shackleton

    Mrs S is interested in Zwift but we have no real idea how we would go about setting her up.

    She has an old garmin (no network connectivity or bluetooth) with heart rate monitor, cadence and wheel sensors. We also have a bog standard mechanical turbo trainer.

    Is out possible to use any of that with Zwift? If not what is the cheapest route to getting up and running in a meaningful way?

    Much obliged,


    Premier Icon stumpy01

    I initially started using Zwift with a normal trainer. My really old Tacx trainer wasn’t listed, so I just chose the most basic looking one on the list.

    Obviously it won’t change resistance, but you will go slower on hills etc. I can’t remember what you needed to have it connected up with – an ANT+ dongle into your laptop and cadence sensor, I think.

    There’s a decent amount of info on the Zwift website about getting up and running.


    depends what you mean by zwift.

    It only really came into its own with a trainer that had erg mode (that’s resistance controlled by zwift)

    I found trying to use it with my old basic trainer it might as well have been a video.

    Think Halfords do a trainer in the 160 quid region that does erg.

    Premier Icon joat

    Speed and cadence sensors on the bike and a Bluetooth dongle ideally with extension lead to a laptop. The power will be estimated but you’ll be able to make your avatar move. You don’t need a garmin or similar as your metrics will be on zwift. I trialled it this way with a small financial outlay and a free trial of Zwift to see if I wanted to upgrade to a smart trainer.

    Premier Icon Shackleton

    OK, thanks all


    I bought an Elite Novo smart from Halfords at £165 using BC discount. An old steel road bike from the garage with a Halfords turbo tyre for 13.50. Old iPad Air with Zwift download and a Halfords bluetooth HRM band for 20.

    Also bought a fan from toolstation for 30 and I pinched my daughters music stand for the tablet to sit on

    Total spend £230 plus zwift subscription.

    Total km ridden 500 since beginning Oct but would be more as I’ve been I’ll for a fortnight.

    Lost 5kg already.


    I`d say just bite the bullet and think of it as you would buying a winter bike.

    Smart trainer £500
    Apple 4k TV £100
    40″ TV £250
    Fan £30

    If you are going to do Zwift then you want to get the most benefit from it.

    Premier Icon fossy

    Do not forget a fan or two, and look at where it’s mounted for ventilation… you will melt, and I only use Zwift in the garage.

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