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  • LoCo

    Just recieved my Nilox Foolish HD camera, 1080 Go Pro type thing (they come with back plate with lcd screen cases and loads of mounts and fit onto the Go pro chesty mount too) great for £200 rrp.
    Anyway, I (think) I need a 64 card to get a decent memory on it, class 4 (i think).
    Any suggestions on cheapest and best place to get one and would/are higher grade cards available? I.E would a class 6 be even better?
    Cheers. 😀

    TBH Amazon. You’re going to be haggling over a few quid either way, so it really won’t make too much of a difference.

    Can’t really sniff at that for £30 odd quid.


    Bought a SanDisk 32GB Mobile Micro SDHC Class 10 UHS1 + Adapter off mymemory-uk (ebay) for £18.99 to go in my video camera after asking a similar question about memory cards

    Dick Barton

    Get a class 10 32Gb card, it reads/writes fast and means less chance of lag/delay whenb capturinbg the perfect scene (or any scene!). a 32Gb card will give you several hours of filming – far more than the battery can take…I get about 2 hours from the battery if left on and used, but starting/stopping tends to give me longer. I bought the cheapest named-breand memory card and not had any issues yet.

    Was also sent – Memory Card categories explained –



    Cheers ordered, will post up some films when get time to actually ride the bike 😉 From tests seems to be a good as the Go Pro hero 2 I had before 😀

    Edit: Carlos thanks, that makes it all a bit clearer, all fairly simple really 😀

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I saw a review that said you have to open the waterproof case to switch it on and off, is that right?


    There are so many fakes around, make sure you test it when you get it. I’ve bought from Amazon before and there have been some fakes (speed & capacity).

    SanDisk Micro SD Card Test

    Also make sure it is a UHS compatible device.. I know some were not compatible with the GoPro HD1.


    Thanks, bought some more from Maplins as on offer, strange that Nilox list the max card size as a SDHC 64 when they’re only rated to 32MB and the SDXC are 64, from the wiki entry so have just got a few 32s.

    Northwind, yes you do have to take it out to turn the power on, but not star/stop filming or take pictures, tbh when I do use it I’ll just put the power on and start/stop as and when so shouldn’t be an issue.

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