cheapest, lightest 25mm internal width rims (29er)?

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  • cheapest, lightest 25mm internal width rims (29er)?
  • Premier Icon lovewookie

    I know this may fall into the cheap/light/strong category, but ignoring that (!) what’s out there that’s cheap, light and skinny-wide?

    probably pinned, so along the lines of the mavic XM 424 for example at 482g.

    anything lighter than that for not much more, or even less than £36?

    don’t worry, I’m an xc mincer, so it’ll not get a hard time.


    Planet x usually have some random stuff on offer that can be reasonable and cheap.

    Premier Icon ajantom

    Probably not available any more, but Planet X/On One had WTB i25 rims for £7.99 each. I built a pair of the 27.5 ones up last year and they’ve survived all sorts of abuse.

    Premier Icon mcvittees

    HUNT XC Wide wheels ~£320 and ~1,600g.  All non-proprietary parts. Oops, you asked just about the rims…no idea then!

    Premier Icon hatter

    DT Swiss X432’s? not many budget 25 mm wide XC rims out there.

    Premier Icon StuF

    Planetx have some fulcrum ones, depending on boost / non boost hubs. They come in around 1860g – but at £120.

    Mine have survived 6 months – but no real mud yet – bearing seals are meant to be a bit shonky so we’ll see.

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    Kinlin tl25 from The Cycle Clinic,


    Not as useful as I was hoping as I now can’t find the deal but someone like CRC had some widish WTB KOMs for much cheapness. They come up silly light for what they are. I was tempted but didn’t bother in the end as the reviews suggest they don’t stand up to a lot of abuse and I’ve managed to **** every set of rims I’ve ever had. Probably not for me then but for “…an xc mincer…” may be have a search for them.

    Premier Icon lovewookie


    I’m running a salsa rim on the front of my bike currently. if you were to look at the reviews for them you’d think i’d have made a really bad move. But I’ve been using it, at about 21mm internal width with a 2.4 tyre for the last 5 or 6 years and it’s been fine.


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