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  • Cheaper Things Tuesday: Same But Different
  • Ben_Haworth
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    Slightly different version of Cheaper Things Tuesday for you this week. Only Singletrack Members will see all the great deals we’ve found.

    By ben_haworth

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    Cheaper Things Tuesday: Same But Different

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    What’s with the length of the Fox trousers? They’re going to turn into 3/4 shorts once you’re sat pedalling. No wonder they’re discounted! 😁

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    I have some of those Fox ‘pants’.  They are good for riding but I always feel there is a bit of plus fours about their style, not a great look

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    fox just tend to be short.. and the ankle isnt enough to cover my goretex five ten trail cross..

    if that slx cassette had been 10-51t i’d have jumped in..

    “Contrary to what you may believe, not everyone in the world is riding around on 140mm travel 29ers. Perhaps they should be ,but they’re not. These are top forks for those happy souls ragging around on 150-160mm 27.5in bikes. Gawd bless ’em.”   :0)


    queue world war 3 in the bike world



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    Riding trousers in general tend to be a bit shorter than is ideal, it’s bloody annoying tbh. Worst that happens if the lower leg is a bit long? Nothing. A slightly overlong leg generally works better not worse. They look nicer if they’re the “ideal” length is all

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    That Mega is a bargain at £2k!!

    Pity the SLX cassette isn’t 10-51, I could do with a spare.

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    Shame for the Nukeproof dealers sat on stock they bought from Hotlines for more than the same company’s retail arm is now selling them for.

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