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  • Cheaper amazon ‘jetboils’
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    I have an MSR one that boils 2 litres in about 3 seconds. Ok, maybe a minute maximum. I think you get what you pay for.

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    Trangia works for me. I know they’re slow but as soon as I even think about morning coffee, I need a poo. I come back and the water’s boiled.

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    I have the Fire Maple Star 2 and it’s excellent. Boils water super fast (not a lot in it between the Fire Maple and my electric kettle at home). Also, the design is, IMO, an improvement on the Jetboil they’ve, ahem, taken inspiration from. The pan has a really sturdy handle with a nifty quick release button. When locked in place it’s completely solid and you can tip the pan with complete confidence. When folded up it swings over the pan lid to secure it in place. Manufacturing quality is great too. Oh, and contrary to what someone stated above it does have push-button ignition.

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    A quick update on the recall mentioned above for the PlanetX jobsworth jetboils. I contacted them last week as I hadn’t been notified of the recall and it apparently only affects stock that they received from January this year.
    So it looks like I can happily cary on using my £20 bargain from last year 🙂

    As an aside, the version I have is the larger one they did which has a pan design just like arogers describes above for the Fire Maple stove. I’m pretty sure they are from the same manufacturer

Viewing 4 posts - 41 through 44 (of 44 total)

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