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  • We are using this guy after meeting with a few, website is spot on. Not really more pricey than the others and seems to understand exactly what he is doing. Why spend all that money on your wedding day then take the risk of having a shite photographer.


    @ zokes: sounds like a complete chancer, and one with poor taste at that. Mind you, I once had a wedding client who WANTED dodgy BW with sepia toning and heavy vignetting. Unbelievable.

    I'm getting married next month and – surprise, surprise, – we're not having a photographer. I trust my brother with his big bag of Nikons and my bag of Canons to be able to grab a few decent photos, and he'll hand over the RAW files for me to sort out later. Simple.


    I was lucky enough to be handed the RAW files. Sadly, however, they're still (hopefully) on a boat over here to the UK. TBH, our guy is somewhat better at PP than I am anyway, so I'll probably just let him sort them – he's happy to


    How often are you going to look at the pictures after the wedding?

    How important are the photos to you?

    If y9ou know a couple of decent amateurs then why not use them – get two folk taking them and take loads and you should get some reasonable ones.

    If you do want a professional set tho you have to pay thru the nose.

    I can't think of a wedding I have been to that had a professional photographer and all the people where more than happy with the amateur efforts.


    Stuff thats worth money:
    – Band. A good band makes a great evening!
    – Photographer. You will want those pictures to be good in years to come and you need someone to arrange the good shots. Also it needs to be someone your good ladys happy with – the photographer needs to be able to tell the bride what to do. Good luck to a random mate with that one!

    Stuff that you can do cheap:
    – Cake. Everyone will eat it anyway!
    – Video. No one wants to watch it apart from you and your good lady. Get a mate with a video camera. Job done.
    – Buffet. See cake.
    – Transport. We stayed at the venue the night before, was cheaper than limo hire on the day!
    – Venue. One of the best weddings I have been too (apart from my own obviously!) was a rugby club!

    I'd prioritise quite differently – I think the primary purpose of throwing a great big party to celebrate how lovely you are and how much you want to be together should be to make sure your guests have a good time. Organised photography is just something for yourself. Food, drink, entertainment, cake – that is something for your guests enjoyment, so worth spending money or time making sure it is nice.

    Although having said that, it is easy for me to say this because we got the best of both worlds really, as we had a few really quite good amateur and professional photographers there under instructions to go wild with their cameras and give us copies of pictures (Dad is a photographer, several friends are very competent too). Didn't have any staged pictures because we don't like them, but we have tons of great pictures.



    We are using this guy

    Only looked at one album but they look pretty good to me

Viewing 6 posts - 41 through 46 (of 46 total)

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