Cheap walking poles (chinese carbon content). Any recommmendations/opinions.

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  • Cheap walking poles (chinese carbon content). Any recommmendations/opinions.
  • jonba

    Having never seen the point of walking poles I was very envious of people I was walking with in Iceland last summer. They seemed to help when crossing rivers, snow fields, muddy traverses and difficult terrain.

    It looks like I’m off walking again this year and am thinking of getting some. I doubt I’ll use them much in this country (in Northumberland most of my walking is rolling moorland) so don’t want to spend a lot.

    I saw some cheap ones in Cotswold outdoor. 2 for £25

    But then I was drawn in by cheap chinese carbon.

    Ideally I’d like cheap chinese aluminium but can’t find anything that “looks good”.


    If you’re flying anywhere, won’t you want 3-piece poles to fit in your luggage?

    Premier Icon dknwhy

    I use mine for when I’m carrying a heavy pack or for hilly routes. They do make a difference (especially crossing rivers!)

    Twist lock poles tend to seize up and I’ve broken a couple.
    I got these for Xmas – carbon with a cam lock. They seem very good for the money and online reviews seem ok, just keep an eye on the nut tightness on the cam lock.

    Carbon poles

    Being a bit UK brand, you’ll have some comeback if there are any issues.

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    Wouldn’t saying thrifty Polish ramblers be more polite?

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    Premier Icon dknwhy

    Forgive me, I’m a bit slow tonight 😀


    As above its the locking mechanism that’s the weak point, so worth getting ones with that have a good reputation

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    Yep, whatever you buy, I’d strongly suggest you try to lean on them with full bodyweight before parting with cash regardless of the locking mechanism. I’ve come across both twist lock and lever lock-type poles that have simply telescoped under pressure and not from cheap brands either.

    That may not matter for ambling around low level footpaths, but if you’re using them, say, for coming down something rocky with a big pack on and use them to brace yourself and the pole compresses under your weight, say as you’re stepping down, it’s potentially dangerous.

    I don’t use them generally, but they’re handy for walking with big packs on uneven ground. I like the Black Diamond Flicklock poles, but they’re not cheap. Ditto Leki. Lever lock types as a rule more secure and easier to use with gloves, but if the manufacturer’s got the leverage ratio wrong, they can still give way.

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