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  • cheap tablet, Hudl, used Nexus, anything else?
  • I’m after a cheap tablet to mainly web browse, YouTube.
    Liking to spend around the £100 mark but want something that isn’t going to make me launch it unlike my absolute crap cheap Nokia Lumia I currently use, any suggestions?

    Edited to add- Samsung Galaxy 3 for £80 from PC world, any reason not to?


    Hudl2 is well worth the money , I got 20 quid off with a voucher
    Battery life is fairly poor though

    Asus memo pad HD 7 is a good buy , good battery but a lower res screen than

    Was just looking at Asus Memo – looks good but think I’m going with a HP Stream7 – £80 but runs a full version of windows 8.1 on a 32gb ssd.

    Don’t have any other apple or android items but a few Win7 pc’s and windows phone.

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    At my local Tesco they had refurbished Hudl1’s for £60.

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    We got a Hudl2 using our Tesco points – been an excellent bit of kit for basic web browsing and games for the kids

    IRC good price on the laptop but wanting tablet/touch screen jobbie for reading PDF manuals whilst spannering/tinkering and already have Win7 laptop.

    Off to PC world to see if they will price match with Microsoft online store where the HP stream is £80 vs £100 at PC World


    If you fancy the HP stream 7 ,then save a few quid and get a Linx 7 off ebay.

    Spec wise virtually identical to the HP Stream but cheaper, I have just got one and is fine for the money , only downside to Windows tablets is the battery life is not generally as good as a Android tablet, probably looking at 4.5hrs compared to 7hrs+ for a Android tablet.

    Good bit of kit for £59 though.


    Wife is on her second Hudl.First one had a problem with the charging points failing.Second one is dead now because of same problem.Wouldn’t have another.

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    My vote for samsung – amazing screen, great software, my 11yo prefers it to wifes iPad and it has withstood his use and our battles to get him off it!


    The Windows 8.1 tablets look like amazing value considering the Office 365 subscription as well.

    I’d read a few reviews first though and try some hands on to see how Win 8.1 works with touch.

    I’m using a 2013 Nexus 7 and can’t fault it.


    Nexus 7s on Groupon for £60

    Ordered a Hp Stream from the Microsoft store for £80 with Office 365. Spent awhile reading up on them and they seem good for the money.
    Will report back when delivered.


    Wife is on her second Hudl.First one had a problem with the charging points failing.Second one is dead now because of same problem.Wouldn’t have another.

    My kids had them, both went back to have the charger point repaired, they then broke again and got their money back. Although, the kids think that santa took their hudls to give to other less fortunate kids and brought them a ipads instead.


    Lots of people,myself included having problems with older nexus 7,personally I would buy a laptop.


    Have a look at the Lenovo s8 50. It’s an 8″ tablet, great screen and £129 but likely to be available cheaper I suspect if you look around/find an offer.

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    On a hudl2 here after Nexus 7 died on lollipop. hudl is great, don’t miss the nexus at all

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    I’m typing this on a Lenovo S8. Really impressed with it – as good/better as a Nexus 7.

    The Lenovo S8 looked good and was on my short list – but best I could find it for was £130 and I was trying to get under £100.


    Rusty – Lenovo S8 has an amount of inbuilt future proofing that you might not get from a sub £100 tablet. Then there’s the nice screen, up to date android and decent processor….

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    All the £100 tablets I’ve played with have felt very cheap/sluggish. The S8 does not.

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    Bought my lads a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 each from here, about £50ea.
    Have been faultless, despite the best efforts of a 7 & 9 year old in dropping them.


    I bought an 8″ Windows tablet (Lenovo Miix 8) and really cannot get on with it at all. It seems very difficult to do the simplest things but maybe I am treating it as a PC rather than tablet.

    For simplicity, ease of use and VFM Android is the way to go imo. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 and that is fine for browsing, Youtube etc. although the screen could be a bit better.

    In the OP’s position I would get a Hudl.

    Arrived today and must say I’m really impressed although I am a long time Microsoft user and have a Windows phone as well.

    My phone apps are sync’d to the tablet so I can carry on playing Age of Empires, and the One drive stuff is sync’d nicely between my phone, pc and tablet.

    Windows8 Metro tile/desktop thing actually works pretty well on a tablet-you can have easily accessible tiles/apps – mail, browser but still have a fully fledged PC underneath for when you need something a bit more in depth.

    The tablet itself seems well made, its not the thinnest and the speakers aren’t very loud but for £80 i’d say its a winner!

    I got my nieces one of these for Christmas.

    Ainol Novo 7 Aurora 2 £99.99, can be found cheaper but you have to order from china then, i opted for a few quid more to get from a UK supplier.

    The reason i opted for that was it was a reletivly good spec for the money, but it does need tweaking, as such there is a very good community that do this over at slatedroid forums. Once u get an upto date tweaked rom on it they are good, not nexus good but not far off.

    Only reason i would suggest this over the one you are looking at is the resolution is better, apart form that they are fairly similar, oh and never belive the cpu speed they state, its always slightly exaggerated lol.

    I would advise what ever cheaper end tablet u opt for in the end would be to get a screen protector, the glass on the low end stuff is never that brilliant iv found.

    One tip id suggest though would be to pop into your local purple shirted place, i know i know. Have a play with all the low end stuff and see what you would be comfortable with, if you would be comfortable using it, then the kids would. I did this and decided on the one i linked to as the specs where slightly better.

    Best way to think about it is, anything dual core, with a half decent resolution that has access to the play store, be it native or with tweaking, is what u are after, as at the end of the day you won’t be using it. It took me ages to get it into my head that the one i bought was’nt for me lol.


    Rusty, I’m confused! After my Nexus 7 proved to be total s**t, I’m now looking for a new tablet. I though the Levino S8 was Android. Did I miss something here?


    Are the Kindles still crap? Brother brought his 2 daughters basic ones last year but they both had problems and got a refund and brought iPads. But I notice Amazon have the Fire HDX tablet for £99 or £110 with out the adverts on the lock screen.

    “Rusty, I’m confused! After my Nexus 7 proved to be total s**t, I’m now looking for a new tablet. I though the Levino S8 was Android. Did I miss something here?”

    The S8 is android and is good spec.

    I bought a HP stream 7 which is Windows8. I didn’t think you could get a cheap windows tablet but stumbled upon the HP for £80. Really impressed

    I presume at £80 it’s running Windows RT – isn’t that reported to be a total bobbins of an OS?

    No it’s full blown Windows 8.1.

    Microsoft are offering the OS foc to manufactures on lower end machines iirc which obviously keeps the end costs down

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    Just thought that I’d add – I got a Linx 7 from ebay for £60 and for that money it’s frankly amazing. It’s full Windows 8.1 which I’m new to and still getting used to but it’s basically a full on PC for £60 (I plan to plug in a TV via HDMI).

    Only thing (and I think this is a 8.1 thing) is that I can’t get it to connect to the homegroup my W7 media PC is on to access videos, etc but I’m sure I’ll work that out.


    I’ve also been looking at the Leveno S8, after the two recommendations above, to replace my useless Nexus 7, but I now see there is a S8-50 as well. Is this the new version or the old one? Only the processor appears to be different as far as I can tell, although the S8 has the Intel Atom which I believe is highly regarded.

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