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  • Muke

    My current shoes are deffo of the summer variety so its time to look for some cheap replacements to see me through winter. I’ve had Aldi/Lidl ones before and to be honest they lasted better than I had hoped for but as they are not available at the moment I seem to be down to Shimano XC30 @ £43 or Shimano M064 @ £44.

    Any opinions of these two models or other recommendations welcome.


    And hey at least it’s not a what light or tyre thread 😉


    What about more of a touring mtb shoe?

    May help to fend off the cold.

    Cheap here too.


    Sports Direct have some farily decent muddy fox ones in, look quite good too.


    One-on / Planet-X had a load reduced last week at verious price points.

    I’ve the Wiggle own-brand, which are fine for me.




    Thanks guys, a few more to add to the list now.


    I bought a pair of the Muddy Fox shoes from SD as I was struggling getting the cleats out of the bottom of my Shimano shoes.

    My opinion…

    Well, they are shoes and the cleats work OK.

    The toe studs fall out, the sole is made of solid plastic that wears quickly and offers no grip on slippy surfaces.

    The material is PU not leather and are very soft sided.

    Never in a month of Sundays are they worth the RRP of £89.99!

    If I can manage to drill my old cleats out of my old shoes I’ll be going back to wearing those…

    #EDIT – They do drain quickly though..


    I’ve owned a couple of pairs of Shimano shoes now, seem to be well made and are pretty comfortable. If you do get some, go one size up from your normal shoe size.

    (And if you use Time pedals you may need to shave a bit of the sole around the cleat, I did…)

    Premier Icon brassneck

    I’m sure I saw carbon soled MF shoes in Sports Direct. Might have been road though.


    What size are your feet? I have some size 10 (I think) ones from Aldi you can have for not very much

    Van Halen

    I`ve got the orange muddy fox things (not hte super cheap ones):

    they fit me nicely and do the job. well vented though so sealskins needed if wet. come in big though – i need an 8 rather than a 9 that i need in all other shoe brands.

    the sole is made of solid plastic that wears quickly and offers no grip on slippy surfaces.

    having looked in evans when i neede shoes, and at mates shoes, arn’t all spd disco slippers like this?


    The Aldi versions are better than the MF shoes. Much better fit and quality.

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    Dhb from wiggle are hard wearing and comfy for my broad feet. Very well ventilated though so thick socks or overshoes in winter.

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