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  • Cheap SJ4000 clone with good image stabilisation/wifi?
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    Just for videoing my bimbling.

    There are loads on Amazon/eBay…

    Apeman A80, A79 or such?

    Want something that stabilised the image pretty well.

    Anyone bought something similar lately?

    Cheers guys.


    How much are you looking to spend? The SJ4000 isn’t that expensive and a refurbished GoPro (maybe a Session 5) wouldnt be that much more.

    A lot of the less well known/unbranded ones on Amazon and eBay can be fairly poor. I would avoid unless someone can tell you exactly which one they bought and from which seller to make sure you get the same thing.

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    Hmmm…. Around £80 I suppose?

    Yeah, but of a minefield out there.

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    A new SJ4000 is about £60 so within your budget. I’ve got one for pottering about and it’s great. It probably doesn’t compare to modern GoPro footage but then neither do my activities or skill levels.


    My campark x20 is pretty good.

    Have a review on YouTube.

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