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    Looks alright to me that. I’d give it a go.

    And wear what you want.

    go for it, seems great value for 105 specced..

    that groupset alone would set you back AUD 625 over here and that is discounted!!

    so not sure what that says about the quality of the frame and the other bits…

    i used to ride a road bike in my formative years, pre-mountainbiking, so i’ve always had a thing for it and my day was a keen roadie in his youth… i’ve just brought an old steel Coppi, early 90’s, that’s not light either, but it rides great and the skittishness is a joy really..

    you will find your mtb skills come in quite handy when avoiding potholes and going downhill

    Premier Icon WildHunter2009

    I just bought my gf one of there super cheap city bike things so she can ride to work occasionally/survive the carnage of next weeks freo line shutdown. Pleasantly surprised by how good it is, few cheap nasty bits but for the money mad value.

    I had a wee look at the road bikes as well and they looked quite nice. Not sure it was full 105 though, Vaguely remember the brakes being crappier stuff and maybe the shifters??? Might be wrong there.


    Found a local supplier that sells road bikes, alloy frames with carbon forks and 105 groupset for just over $700 AUD. Bike weight is a claimed 19.8lbs which doesn’t sound that light to me. They also do a wheel upgrade for Mavic Aksium’s for a couple of hundred bucks more.

    Thought about getting a road bike as I’m currently using my hardtail and think I’d be quicker and enjoy the commute more on a road bike.

    This company claims they have the cheapest road bike on Oz with a 105 groupset. Worth a punt? Price seems reasonable. Looks alright. Reckon it will do the job and perhaps open up my eyes to a bit of road cycling.

    Also, is it a huge no-no to not want to wear lycra and own a road bike?


    Have a look at cellbikes.com.au and also on cyclingexpress.com.au., they have some pretty good offers on at the moment.

    My only look at the reid bikes were at the retro ones and TBH the frame quality was awful, so go and check it out carefully. If you do get it, as said above, you can always keep the gruppo and upgrade the frame if you do get into it a bit more. Also, pay attention to the wheel build.


    The pics show 105 shifters and state its a full groupset. Might look into it and go to their store. If the frame is utter cack then I could always look at a Chinese carbon frame and forks set if the wheels and everything else are OK.

    Also looking on Gumtree as I imagine after the TdF there will be some bikes around that people have bought with the intention of going all roady then giving up!

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