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  • ste_t

    My boss was after ideas for us to raise money for Against Breast Cancer as a district (10 sites,) so I suggested a bike ride between sites. What we have settled on is riding from Nottingham to York on day 1 via Sheffield, then York to Liverpool on day 2 via Leeds and Manchester. We’ll then get the train to Glasgow so the Scottish guys can join us in riding to Edinburgh. We need to fit it into 3 days hence not riding to Scotland (her choice not mine!)

    Actual riding will be circa 260 miles over 3 days so I’m after a bike that I can carry my gear on, around £400, but not too heavy as we need to make good time. Medium as I’m 5’9″ and ride my MTBs are 17.5″ and 18″.

    Any recommendations? I’d happily take last years model with a discount and no brand snobbery as I want the best I can for my money. I’ve tried road riding a couple of times and not enjoyed it, hence not wanting to spend much.

    Premier Icon bails

    Decathlon Triban?


    Genesis Volant 00

    52 and 54cm in stock.



    the problem is not the bike, the problem will be you.

    It is a fair distance, unless you ride the bike before the event there is really little point in getting a bike for 3 days. You would be better off getting slicks and fitting them to the mtb. It is the little things, joints, back that need time to adapt.

    If your not rushing then the mtb won’t be an issue. A colleague did c 1000 miles in 10 days on a hybrid and was ok. a bit sore but he was used to the bike and that was the important thing.

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    Slicks on a hard tail with panniers would be good.

    Or revolution addax currently on sale from Edinburgh Bike coop –

    There are a couple of other revolution road bikes which might be worth a look too.

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    Triaban 5 is £30 over budget but looks a good option


    bails – will check out the 5. The wheels on the 3 are supposed to not be up to the job, so says their own marketing guy.

    Jamie – looks fantastic that and fairly local, thanks.

    mrmo – fair point. Did a charity road ride a couple of years ago, 200 miles in 3 days, on the MTB running big apples for that reason. I’m looking to get the bike immediately and the charity ride is in May so plenty of time to use it for commuting and training.

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    Had you thought of buying second hand – spend more and resell when you have finished or keep if you like it.

    You would end up with something far nicer for the same money or top end for a bit more and little to no cost for buy / use / resell.

    Lots of bargains to be had out there.


    Revolution Country Traveller also

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    Could always get something second hand, at least then you can sell it after the ride without losing too much money.


    Decathalon Triban’s are on sale most of the year, they are pretty much the best value cheap road bike there is.


    Used Giant Defy with upgraded 25c Scwalbe Durano S tyres. Should find an alloy medium for £400.

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