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  • Cheap place to stay in London
  • bigyinn

    I’m planning on visiting London for a couple of days in May to meet up with a friend 1 day and spend the other sightseeing. My normal place to stay at my BILs is not available, he’s got the cheek to be away when I’m going, so I need to find somewhere cheap and within 10 miles of the centre.
    Travelodges seem to be £70+ per night, so out of my budget.
    Air BNB looks interesting at £20+ per night, although I’ve never used one, so no idea what to expect.
    All I really need is a bed and somewhere to shower for two nights.
    What does STW suggest / recommend?


    Palmer’s lodge is great if you’re happy with a hostel


    Kip hotel in Hackney?

    Kip hotel

    Can be very cheap.

    Located next to the Overground station in Hackney (same building as the Travelodge).

    More predictable than Air BnB.

    The Collective, Zone 2, near to central line or the bakerloo at Willesden Junction. Way nicer than a Travelodge and you get to see how millennials live. Half decent restaurant downstairs.

    Think it’s circa 50 quid for a guest room.

    Premier Icon jimdubleyou

    YHA will be £20-30 a night in a shared dorm.

    Doesn’t your BIL trust you to stay in his property when he’s not there?!?😬 what are you not telling us ?!?

    Failing that Camp ! Lee valley camp site

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    I have to say I thought the same as unfitgeezer(who I hope is recovering btw)!
    Although my money is on the BIL not wanting his special cupboard/room to be discovered.
    There are cheap hotels in Stevenage/welwyn/Hertford – 20 min away from kingsx!
    My Spanish cousin got a really good deal for a week recently ,right on Tottenham court road..St Giles if I recall correctly.

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Try easyhotel (from the people that brought you cheap orange planes).

    I got a ridiculously cheap night in Manchester a while ago (solely because of a very late train into town and no connecting service out to mine at that time of night, it was far cheaper to stay in town than get a taxi out to mine!)

    Basic rooms (with a fair amount of orange) but spotlessly clean and perfectly functional.


    Assuming your Sister can veto the BiL?


    Thanks for the replies, the hostel looks like a possibility, earplugs and sleep mask required I suspect.
    BIL is off to Snowdonia and the house is techincally his OHs so I feel its a bit cheeky to demand the keys off him! We get on fine and hes a mountainbiker too.


    Try Seem to be plenty of options…


    I went to our staff xmas party in December in Liverpool Street and due to a combination of circumstances ended up missing my tube home.

    Being too tight to pay for a cab from central London out to surrey I managed to stay overnight at St Christopher’s at the Inn Hostel in Borough High Street, 250 metres from London Bridge for the princely sum of £16.

    Okay so it was a shared room but I was last in and first out and the bed was clean and comfy.

    Back into work the next morning still in my DJ.


    I’ve taken the plunge and booked Palmers Lodge at Swiss Cottage for two nights for the princely sum of £25. I just hope there are no rowdy students, as I’m a grumpy bastard if I get woken up at night!

    No offence having looked at their website and also making the mistake of watching their YouTube promo not a fricken chance !!! I get it if you’re on a ‘gap’ year or ‘Traveling’ and happen to be no older than 24…

    Personally I’m way to old and traveling is a memory long gone…

    Obviously your BIL doesn’t trust you with his wife 🤭 is she fit !
    if they’re married its his house as well technically.

    Enjoy your dorm with a load of pissed
    Aussies !!!

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    Look forward to the updates.
    Tbh there’s potential for a nice stagger home through regents park and Primrose hill!


    It’ll be fine, I’m 46 and can sleep anywhere. Will bring the earplugs.
    Hopefully mid-week at the end of may will mean there aren’t too many students about. Maybe. At least one night I’ll be rather pissed myself. Zzzzz
    Will update after.


    By way of a little update, Palmers lodge wasn’t too bad. Although there did seem to be a late night rustling convention most evenings. On the second night there was quite loud dance music playing the reception bar area until around 11pm, which was a tad annoying.
    The bed was clean and comfortable, but the only moan really was the locker. It takes the form of an underbed roll out drawer with a hasp for a padlock, there was only just enough room for the stuff I wanted to leave there during the day, but I managed.
    For £12.50 a night, I’m not gonna complain too much.

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