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  • Cheap GoPro or better spec budget cam
  • petrieboy

    I’m looking at GoPro and derivatives for my son. He’s 11 and doesn’t do anything particularly rad to the max so it’ll be more for capturing our adventures and strapping to his RC Car rather than filming for red bull

    Amazon have a hero7 white for £130 which is cheaper than I imagined the genuine article would be, but still twice the price of a generic device with seemingly better spec

    My gut feel is the genuine GoPro will be better, but all things considered, £60 better??

    Also – any recommendations for cheap but decent cameras??


    I’m an occasional user & after my GoPro stopped working I ended up replacing it with an Akaso V50. Came with loads of mounts, spare batteries, remote control.

    Quite a few reviews on YouTube. Has been perfect for what I need

    Premier Icon rhyswilliams3

    Olfi camera


    They both seem to be close to go pro money – are they up to the competition?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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