Cheap eBay saddle

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  • Cheap eBay saddle
  • simondarlo

    I’m after a new saddle, charge, fabric, that kind of thing. Then I see these 5.99 jobs on eBay and think “any good?” It’s just a saddle after all, how much difference can there be? Anyone tried them and died?

    Premier Icon robertpb

    Probably people out there who have tried them but can’t have nooky anymore.

    Weird things saddles. My Giant road bike came with something that looks like a Selle Italia copy. As far as I could work out was basically the same shape and size as the SLR I normally ride but I found it unusable and swapped it for a Selle SLR after a couple of rides.

    Premier Icon dangeourbrain

    You might love it, you might hate it, about the only way to tell with a saddle is ride it.

    You may however find it breaks/bends/cracks is just really noisy on ride one,but there’s only one way to find out


    I got one last year after being fed up with squeaky expensive saddles on my fatty.
    It’s absolutely fine so far, no complaints. No squeaks, comfy enough.
    I guess it will always be a bit of pot luck with saddles.


    I got saddle from Superstar for a fiver, it’s great.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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