CHEAP clearout: tyres, grips, v8's, seatclamps etc.

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  • CHEAP clearout: tyres, grips, v8's, seatclamps etc.
  • give youa fiver for teh santa cruz clamp?

    The same one is a tenner plus £3 postage here.
    I’ll meet you in the middle at £6.50.
    Off out in a moment, paypal is same as the address in my profile if that is good for you.

    ok will do the payment tonight mate

    Pictures of everything this flickr page: this post will be stoopidly long if I hotlink a picture of everything in here… Closeups of wear on tyres included, best have a look at them in case my ‘part worn’ is your ‘completely knackered’. 😆

    All prices posted, discounts for more than one thing of course but bear in mind the tyres will be costing me £4.20 a pair just to post….
    Gifty/no fees paypal or bank ransfer please: I am known to many on here and a premier member so i won’t be messing you around. I can post any day this week.

    ODI/Yeti lockon grips in black, complete with black clamps and ODI snap-caps. Bolts and threads good, some scuffing to anodising on top of clamps and getting a little bit worn, but again loads of life left. £8 posted.

    Santa Cruz non-qr seatclamp in black, 34.9mm, brand new removed from frame before it was built up, weighs a whippety 21g, £8 posted.

    Unbranded black non-qr seatclamp 31.8mm, removed after maybe a dozen rides on the yeti frame it came on. £5 posted.

    DMR V8’s in purple (they are more purple and less blue than my photos suggest, best have a look online for the colour as it’s a bit ‘marmite’…) All pins present and correct, usual wear to paint on the outside edges but had an easy life really, rolling on new grease and new ball bearings, and complete with the box and the syringe refilled with funky flourescent green shimano grease (that way when you purge the grease you’ll know when to stop pumping!) £12 posted

    Wellgo flats in black. Originally from my long-gone Commencal jump bike. Rather basic, cast rather than screw-in pins, only used for a couple of rides as they really are a bit crap in the wet, but they spin very nicely and even have holes to put reflectors in (if you want them for town/pub bike I’ll even put some on!) £5 posted (not worth me selling for less than that as three quid of that is postage…)

    Zeal optics goggle case in camo with black fleecy interior. Never ever used so as new. Made of that stiff foam stuff inside, so sort of a hard case but would fold in half if you sat on it. Not that i have ever done that to glasses or goggles. 😳 £4 posted.

    Shoot me now! A pair of Continental Vertical in wire bead 2.3″ flavour. Not too badly worn, £10 posted for the pair.

    A pair of Scott Cougar Folding in 2.25″, back worn quite a bit more than the front but great, tough and relatively light tyre (600g each). £10 posted for the pair.

    A pair of pecialized Fast Trak LK in 2.0, 60a wire bead flavour. Little wear to one and the other is maybe a third to half worn so summer/hardpack only on these. £10 posted for the pair.

    Michelin 2.0 wire bead knobbly tyres. These were so ‘budget’ they never even had a name on them, but had the same tread pattern as the wildgripper IIRC. One is maybe half worn and the other is pretty good. Actually not too bad in wet mud or loose stuff considering… £8 posted for the pair.

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