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  • DrP

    SO, I’ve happily been using my Avenir mule for a year or so now, and compared to the prices of other trailers it’s a bit of a bargain – £80 for a stable 2 wheeled trailer is pretty good value!

    However, the weak point of it is the clamp to fit it to the bike. It’s got a ‘screw type’ that clamps to the non-drive seat stay, but this can wobble, come loose, or swing into the rear wheel! Now i’ve tried it on my new bike it also clips my heel too much!

    Looking for alternatives, I’ve come across a much neater looking alternative – the Burley hitch…

    It seems to be a much simpler, and stronger looking setup.

    So, for just over £30 i’ve a pair of hitches and the ‘black rubber thing to convert the trailer’ on their way from UKbikestore.

    I’ll finish this thread with reports of how well it all works once the bits arrive, but hopefully it’ll turn my pretty handy (and cheap) trailer into a great bit of kit!

    Just thought i’d give people a ‘heads up’ as quite a few ask about trailers, but the £200+ price tags can put people off i suspect!


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