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  • Cheap but useable helmet cam for commuting ?
  • Looking for a cheap but ok helmet or bar mounted video camera for commuting. Don’t want anything fancy just something to record my commute.

    Anyone recommendations ?

    Does anyone use one daily ?

    Premier Icon somafunk

    I got given a Roadhawk Ride 720p High Definition Bullet Camera for my xmas from friends but i don’t ride on the road and already have camera similar in style to a gopro for off road stuff, I can’t return it as it’s out of the 14 return period, you can have it for £125 posted first class if you like?, i’ve opened the box for a look but that’s all.

    I dunno what it’s like as i haven’t switched it on but it seems to get the best reviews online.


    from about 12 quid, got 2 of them.

    Cheers Project that’s more the right price range .

    Sorry Somafunk that’s still a bit too expensive , thanks anyway .


    I’ve got one very similar to the 7dayshop ones I got from the in laws. I’ve just bought a drift so it’s no use to me.
    If you want it, it’s yours for £7


    Blimey, some people’s take on “cheap” is different to mine 😆


    allthepies – Member
    Blimey, some people’s take on “cheap” is different to mine

    Bearing in mind that a GoPro is around £300 then the Roadhawk starts to look cheap to me.


    How cheap? I dont know what its like but its certainly cheap. HD too!
    Not ideal for helmet mounting but doable.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Depends if you want/need HD or not, dunnit.

    Tinsy – that’s NOT cheap! They (Muvis) are very poor quality compared to even the 7Dayshop cams (and definitely not HD, despite what they say)


    OK, I am in the market for a real budget cam, so thanks for the headsup, I saw the muvi thing yesterday & it seemed quite a comprehensive setup for £30.


    Had a 7dayshop one for about three months; was fine in good light conditions for sub-two hour rides. Footage allowed me to confirm ‘plate of WVM that attempted to knock me off one time, so that I could report the incident. Stopped working, so sent back for full refund (would have got another, but out of stock).

    Premier Icon charliedontsurf

    I failed to get a 7 day shop one to work, loose button, crap instructions, and me.

    I am now going to mount a nilox camera on the bars. It has a cool… Take a picture every second … setting which should be handy.

    But are there any mid priced alternatives,

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