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  • Cheap & Bright rear lights?
  • Premier Icon The Pinkster
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    After an altercation with a pothole on my ride home last night I’m now on the lookout for a cheap and bright and very noticeable rear light for my commuter.

    Ideally it should have a screw on mount for the rack.

    Would prefer something <£20 and if possible <£10.

    Any suggestions?


    Premier Icon Yak
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    on-one phaart

    edit- not screw-on, but so cheap that you won’t feel bad bodging something together.

    Premier Icon soma_rich
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    This is great, battery life seems superb

    Premier Icon dsb181
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    I use a cateye SL-110.
    I was surprised at how bright is was when I first used it. Really simple too, I just clip it on round the seat post and remove it when I’m not using it.

    Premier Icon The Pinkster
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    Thanks folks, I’ve gone for the Smart Lunar r2.

    It looks like it might well fit directly onto the Blackburn bracket my previous one used, which will be nice.

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