cheap brake pads?

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  • cheap brake pads?
  • nosedive

    so, I'm not liking paying £18 for Elixir pads, and I've gone off superstar after having to fit 2 sets to the same brake in one day once (OK, it was muddy but even so).

    I'm thinking of giving the EBC pads from Merlin a go, £25 for 2. Anyone tried these or anyone have any other suggestions?

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    disco pads from bikefridge on flea bay. 4 pairs £15.99 , had no probs in 12 months of use .


    Another vote for Disco pads. Cheap as chips and i've had no problems with them at all.


    superstar sintered. Last years for me.

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    my local halfords has all clarks brake pads down to a fiver 😉

    so i stocked up on the way home

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    On the Superstar ones, did you use their sintered pads or organics?


    I've gone through a set of genuine pads in half a ride so it's not a 'cheap pad' issue.

    A2Z pads are good value too.

    Superstar Sintered here too. Put them on at the start of the winter and still going strong.

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    I used to be a fan of Superstar sintered – worked well on my old hopes and lasted for ages.

    Since changing to Elixirs though, I've really noticed a drop in performance compared to the original Avid pads. Just a lack of initial "bite" and a need to 2 finger brake in places (haven't done that for years!).


    I really noticed that the superstar sintered had started performing like blocks of wood as well on some juicy 3s, another reason that I went off them. I might give disco a try. If I do got with EBC I will do another post to let you know if they are any good. thanks for the advice everyone.

    gravityslave used to sell some blue ones for about £10, can anyone remember what those were?

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    superstar sintered – 18months old and about half the pad left on front, nearly due for replacement on rear. used quite a bit in the peak grit.


    Remember you need to run new pads in properly and heat them up to harden the compound or it will crumble. Superstar have been good for me but the code ones I bought were a poor fit. I just put new superstar ones onto my Hayes trails and there working better than the Hayes originals pads. I can live with occasional rouge set if 90% work well at the price they sell them for.


    Tried EBC like them, no probs.

    Also currently trying A2Z from woolyhatshop on ebay, very good also.

    Have used also Discobrakes stuff as well, good also.

    Superstar for me. I tried discobrakes and 4 pairs failed in no time.

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