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  • Cheap aldi family tent £80 any experiences or alternatives?
  • We bought something for £40 from Argos last summer. Did a 2 week Alps trip no problem, but 2 adults in one of the 2 compartments would be “cosy”.

    For valley floor camping, success is more dependent on how the tent is erected rather than the overall cost. Even cheapy tents are pretty good these days.

    We bought this: 4 MAN

    I would maybe for the extra tenner get this: 6 MAN

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    On sale tomorrow
    Anyone any experiences?
    Ok for occasional weekend use?
    Not hardened campers and after something cheap but with two seperate sleeping compartments (already have a supposed 4 man tent that’s getting on a bit and is a struggle with 2 adults and 1 4 year old)
    Worth the money, anyone any experience with how sleeping part sizes up (would it fit a double air bed in one side and child/ren sleeping in other)

    Any other alternatives under £150?


    Cheap aldi family tent £80 any experiences or alternatives?

    – I’ve had some great experiences in other cheap tents, non from Aldi though yet 8)


    If you get it, it’d be worth covering it in Fabisil Gold silicon proofer & possibly also seam-sealer any stitching.


    No experience but if your budgets up to £150 id be looking at Vango. Usually get some good ones in sales. Trusted name, decent quality rather than taking a punt on an Aldi one. IMHO..

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    I’m sure the Aldi one will be fine!
    I got a 4 person Halfords tent kit for £99 about 10 years ago.
    Tent and air beds (2 doubles) are still going strong. The tent poles aren’t that strong, but its stood up to some horrendous weather.
    You get a few other bits with it (useless lamps and cheap sleeping bags), but definitely worth the money.
    this seems to be the nearest they do now.

    I have to say I’d rather use a 6 man for a family of 4 than a 4 man!


    Really, if you’re talking cheap and casual camping, I honestly don’t think you can look past Decathlon’s Quecha pop-ups –


    A couple of two man tents is in budget and I reckon putting both up will take one person… Maybe five minutes total? We’ve got the bigger (and slightly out of budget) four man (linky), and we’ve taken that abroad for a fortnight for the last three years, bedrooms are big enough for a double lilo, central area’s big enough to get a table and a couple of chairs in if the weather’s gash. Up inside five minutes, down inside ten, no probs.


    Those Decathlon ones are pretty good for the money, we were camping last weekend and some friends brought one along. Up and down very quickly, good quality.

    You could also consider second hand. We just bought an Outwell Montana 6 from one of those Facebook selling pages for £150. It came with footprint, carpet, a load of very sturdy pegs, other bits and pieces. It’s a bit more of a faff to put up than the decathlon and takes up a lot of space in the car, but IMO is a better option for longer (2-3 day +) trips in the UK where the weather might turn.

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