Cheap 3d printer kits – Experiences?

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  • Cheap 3d printer kits – Experiences?
  • stumpy01


    Thanks for the fang details Stumpy. Let us know how you get on with it.

    Will do. A friend has sent me some fairly complex parts to print for his work, so I’ll be making some tweaks & then giving those a bash.
    I’m sure I set-up pronterface on my laptop (need to check) which should give me the ability to send code to the printer to turn the cooling fan on & off to check where the duct is actually blowing.

    That control box fan thing was what I was looking at too. Would be nice if it actually screwed to
    the box, I think the box just sits on top.

    I initially thought this, but then in reality I figured it probably isn’t a problem. I was going to re-model it, but it’s a lot of work for small changes. I’ll probably just run some hot melt glue around the edge if it seems too unstable.
    I’ll probably wire the fans directly into the PSU.

Viewing 601 post (of 601 total)

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