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  • Cheap 30.9mm inline seatpost recomendations?
  • skybluestu

    Want to go for a Thompson but cannot afford it at the moment. Can anyone recomend something lower down the scale of expense?


    Nukeproof is basically a Thomson copy and largely indistinguishable…

    *Edit – looks like the one you want is out of stock at CRC.

    Premier Icon Sodajim

    I picked up an NC – 17 post in a sale and was impressd when it turned up (half price) Look like the price has gone up quite a bit now. Really well made for the money

    Keep an eye on the classified forum here – normally one or two Thompsons will come up every day. Should be able to pick one up for ~£30 for an elite.


    I’ve been running a Raceface Ride for 4 years now without problems. Currently £18 at merlin when 10% discount applied.


    +1 for 2nd hand Thomson here.

    For 30 to 35 quid, you’ll get something that’s 80% as good as new aesthetically, and 100% as good as new functionally.

    Those NC-17’s are ok, as are the Nukeproof, but they’re still not as good as a Thomson.

    EDIT: Got a 30.9 367mm Layback Thomson in black for sale if you’re interested? VGC…


    I’ll sell you a Crank Brothers Iridium SL (black ano with white details, unfitted as new) for £15 if you are interested.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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