Cheap 120mm air forks… Rebas?

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  • Cheap 120mm air forks… Rebas?
  • aphex_2k

    Decided that seeing as I’m not using the Coil Revs I have at anything other than 115mm seems a weight to carry these round and not use them so looking to get some 120mm air forks and I’m fairly sure that Rebas tick the box.

    At this price point, is there anything else out there? Fusion? Magura?

    (And also, possible heads up for some 80-130mm coil Revelations with firm spring fitted – TF Tuned 16 months ago)


    Wiggle has good prices on Magura Durins atm – light and stiffer than rebas because of the dual arches


    Those (air) Durins are only 100mm though and the coil one seems to be tapered steerer.

    I’m sure I can get a Reba Air off the classifieds / eBay for hundred to hundred fifty quid or so.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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