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  • Only you can be the judge of how much you need.

    By posting this you show you are aware of the distinction of survival and life. Keep that awareness and be mindful that you must move on when you are ready, not move on because you think you must.

    I can’t imagine the dark places you have been this last few years. You expect to come through it in just this last year? I wouldn’t.

    I’m always chasing his wheel. You get used to it :o)

    I’ve got into a habit recently and am ever-so-slightly concerned it’s unhealthy. Ok so perhaps my life is so good, there’s still spare time to fret about nonsense on The Forum…

    Chasing wheels is how it feels. Like I’m a psychotic dog snapping at my buddies’ rear wheels. Chasing, but never catching (they’re quick on a bike, but I’m stretching the metaphor too far). Is this really living? Am I cycling too much and completely missing the point?

    Right now, I can’t see the hairline crack that separates a way-of-life from a way of surviving. Am I still choosing to ride; can I stop? Fun, therapy or addiction? Justification comes easily: if I wasn’t doing this, I’d be feeling the hurt and I’ve hurt enough. Cycling keeps me sane, I argue. But increasingly Cycling feels like a trap. When will I move home, job, move on… I can’t if I’m always cycling. Maybe it’s time to stop chasing someones wheel and face the future.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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