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  • Charlie's First Trailhound Outing
  • Inspired by Brian’s last ride video i thought i would give Charlie ( a lab springer x ) a first go at being a trailhound . A gentle half hour spin round some frozen trails was great fun . Best of all she did not seem fussed that i was on a bike and just acted like she did on her normal walks . Looking forward to when she is a bit older so we can have some proper adventures together .


    Lovely looking wee dog :-), Just remember she is still a pup so keep the distances short so you dont damage his hips.

    We were only out for half an hour so not to much . I am a bit paranoid at the moment about running her to much to young


    Good news then! Love the second picture by the way.


    I can see this spawning a “What Traildog for…” thread of its own.


    i’d be terrified that my dog would get in the way of the bike….

    my last dog would have, and he was a “sensible” border collie

    i don’t have a dog anymore 🙁

    She took to it really well . The only dodgy moment was my fault really. I have trained her to come and sit in front of me when i blow the whistle which is great when your walking but not so much when your on a bike .
    She is now fast asleep in front of the fire !


    She also appears to be very good at bike levitation. Clever pooch.


    Great work, start them early and all will be good. Nice pictures too, when I rode with Brian I made a point of being out early to avoid conflicts with other riders. As well as this I used to ride where he was unlikely to run off or be run over, ie not around sheep or roads!

    There’s not much better than seeing your dog belting along side you enjoying every minute of there time out with you.

    Enjoy (for those who haven’t cried yet)

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    i’d be terrified that my dog would get in the way of the bike..

    They only do it once 🙂

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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