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    I banned him for 1 day. He’d received a warning previously about breaking the self promotion rule. Specifically that as a trade poster you are allowed to RESPOND to genuine posts from users to promote your own products of services but you can’t START a thread specifically to promote your own products of services. This is one of our oldest rules and it makes perfect sense to us.

    Charlie started a thread offering free stickers that promoted his business. This broke the rule. It was the second time he’d done this and he’d been warned. So I decided to ban him for 24 hours.

    The thread was reported to us by a user.

    The thread was already tagged with ‘Self Promotion’ and ‘Trade Advertising’ by the time I got to it.

    There are ways to promote your business on our website. Starting threads on the forum is not one of them. That’s in the interests of the users as well as ours.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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